Book Review: Umbilical Cord - Meena Chandawarkar

Umbilical Cord: A cord that remains, always, in many ways by Meena Chandawarkar and Santosh Avvannavar is a collection of 40 short stories that uses the title as an allegory to transport social consciousness and intends to pencil in the reader’s mind towards the culture that orbit around adore, absolution, understanding, as society is a cobweb of relations.

The stories read nicely, are short, ironic and scathing, sometimes which are able to express emotions and strong feelings with a book that helps us to further evaluate what society gives us while committing many errors, despite many weaknesses but even if sometimes it seems, with good faith.

The book strikes at the heart of the reader because there are precious literary or stylistic quirks, that breaks into pages and opens with candor virtually as good as a child and live again with the same force as the original feelings never dormant. It is rare these days, but the characters show true emotions without inhibition to be themselves here to be without defensive armor, and not the representation of itself as we see in every area of life today.

The book takes facets more complex because intuition tells us all the time about us. But we remain insensitive to the voice of the gods, covering it with the uproar of emotions. We prefer to ignore the truth, not to suffer, not to heal because otherwise, we would become what we are afraid of being fully alive.

This book does reflect on the values of life and the importance of suffering. The book is smooth and pleasant and is a work that marks the approach to maturity not only stylistic but also by an author with a book enigmatic, passionate and engaging.

A book that can touch the essence of the inner life without too many ornaments nor useless words, it is the condensation of a life in a few pages. A gentle book, written with a vein of irony that reads very quickly and pleasantly and lead down to an interesting, non-trivial path of life and told with delicacy where pain and rejection are described flawlessly that absolutely does not disappoint.

It’s a story compelling and very good, with a nice setting with the style and language are simple and flowing, which makes reading very enjoyable. The characters are well defined and are given ample space to the psychological description. This novel goes straight to the heart of the reader from the beginning with the ending and all the obstacles in this only increase the empathy between the reader and the story.

Needless to mention the fluid and incisive style of the writers helps the story in its mission. Going deeper, it is quite clear how the authors wanted to emphasize a very strong hope that the world has lost, a hope to which, a thousand voices in this society, we can no longer believe the love!

A novel that deals with mature themes and characters, the book has pleasant topics and is very strong filled with love forgiveness confidence and above all the family.

Publisher: CreateSpace ○ Published: July 2015 ○ ISBN - 13: 978-1515293828 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 128