Book Review: This Book Needs A Title: Theodore Ficklestein

This Book Needs a Title: Volume 2 by Theodore Ficklestein is a book of poetry that in their verses caress light as sea breeze, flickering like stars in the night, swaying as fodder to the out of tune sound of the wind, to imagine the future, in sudden fits of rage, immediately quelled by the detachment.

The poet is able to grasp the finer silent gasps unconscious transforming them into verse of surprising depth and passion. This way he expressed himself, however, is proper and is part of his style, absolutely original and incisive, as a method to allow the resource to emerge from mind the content they are in the mood that orient the emotions.

And much is left to direct the emotions, physical and carnal, especially in the first part this collection which, however, flows, in the continuation of reading, in a flowing river, not calm and quiet, but certainly contained in levees tight and solid.

You will be fascinated by the description of the low clouds that fade into the night procession to the winds of the world fresh from the lumen of rain and the scent of the land that spreads slowly. Attract those stars flirting in the gloom hanging from an invisible thread.

The beautiful words envelop the reader to turn into emotions. Here and there is a touch of irony in describing the game of life, their sorrows, anxieties, expectations with photographs of faces and landscapes alternate with pages of intense poetry and then on some summer evenings in the low clouds fade the night and leave in procession to the winds of the world.

A collection of poems warm and persuasive, rhythm and words come together, blend, slide and are woven into thoughts persuasive where looks of lovers meet in clouds of soft sweetness and intense passions of love that intoxicated the senses and heart, guiding his hands while intrepid ignite feelings and dreams.

The poet go to a really thorough search of the resourceful mind, and asks men, which is of his time, intelligent and curious to penetrate its mechanisms more obscure the memory and the future and that visit with all senses alert, to ask, to represent themselves this world and environment around him with as many sensory perceptions that become the starting point for exciting trips in mind, forcing to emerge and ask yourself constantly in a position of doubt.

The poet suggests blandly and speculates, in a word that pursues its path of researcher of the mind, calling into question the mechanisms and processes, fantasizing projects, rejecting stereotypes and seeking truth, as you know.

It is also bare to the reader, who will lose in the ocean of his thoughts, especially the feelings that knows no generosity represented in speech, perhaps mindful that in this life we must necessarily go through the storms in order to get in a port where you can stop, at last, to live again, with the experience, that the memory has stored in its own way.

It is not a point of arrival with dark chasms, making us feel nothing and inadequate to life. From time after is a fascinating and inspiring reading these poems that manage to be pieces of life in which everyone may find some self, and grope to stop and think.

Publisher: CreateSpace  ○ Published: June 2015 ○ ISBN - 13:  978-1514128428  ○  Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 128