Book Review: Rise of the Grey Prince: Arka Chakrabarti

Rise of the Grey Prince by Arka Chakrabarti, the second in a trilogy called The Saga of Agni catapults us into the world of a fantasy story, pleasant, but also very dismissive with its atmosphere created to impress, to intimidate and to entice those who are about to pick up a book, well aware that time will cross the threshold of a world where magic goes hand in hand with the reality.

The story tells the story of Agni, and his transcendent world of secrets, who will have to fight with evil sinister characters, that threatens his existence and that of his family and friends when he learns the true reason behind his father's sacrifice and his own shadowy times of yore with Vrish and Guru Sidak by his side, combating the daggers from the earlier period and endearing over the opponents of the present, somewhere deep down, he knows that his expedition has just begun.

Yani had but one option to endure with the other scarred prince and walks the vestiges of his veracity obsessed by the glimpses of reality the same night, with his unknowing steps, ensnared in spiteful games of primeval powers had led him to a reality, a fact which shall shape a fine chap in the terracotta of adversity, abhorrence, and envy.

Such is the world of Gaya, and thus shall be the ascent of the gray prince the one frayed among the shadows of iniquity and a distinct glimmer of anticipation with a climate of unease and mystery surrounds the protagonist and the reader.

The narrative ability of the author, is excellent with the author confirms all his narrative capabilities with the overall style is good, and with his unique style has managed to make this short book of about 200 pages enjoyable that can be read quickly and with pleasure although it's a little more than a fairy tale with a hint of horror, with the reading is enjoyable.

The story is passionate and pushes the reader to read until you get to discover the end of the story that so took it with an excellent story and especially well-managed, without too many frills and turns of unnecessary phrase smoothly, that reads quickly.

It is an easy book, with a fictional simple story where the writer mixes fantasy with a hint of fear, and, is the kind of book that you can read to pass the time on the beach or out on a Sunday where the weather is pleasant with what matters is the style and, the way the story is written, with the narrative skill and not the big words or stories and endless loaves so acclaimed that sometimes left much to be desired.

From the imaginative pen of the author, wraps the gothic and ghostly atmospheres, where magic and mystery flood the pages of the novel with promises made and then broken, terrible pledges to pay, mysterious happenings and inescapable destiny that will be to avoid the elements around which unfolds at a strong pace throughout the story.

The style and technique of the novel has the ability to capture the reader's attention skilfully describing the scenes and the characters and giving the story a brisk pace that captures the attention and goes smoothly at the end of the book. You know what they serve in big dinners between courses of meat and the fish to break and allow you to enjoy the best dishes next.

The author with his pleasant interlude is definitely suitable for wild imagination of young minds and engaging enough to carry adults too with the readings more in a surreal adventure, with a great way to unwind and rest the mind.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ♥ EAN: 9789382665311 ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 232 ♥ Language: English