Book Review: Our Heritage Revisited: Anju Saha

Our Heritage Revisited: A glimpse into ancient Indian texts by Anju Saha is a simple volume in the nature of a briefing intended for the virtual beginner who is eager to get an outline of our remarkable primeval scriptures, but might have found existing books too capacious and is certain to hold your attention and captivate you by means of the understanding and the way of life we had in olden India.

India is a place that houses a treasure of wisdom and is a recurring element in human history from antiquity to the present day where you can tap into the spiritual culture that has been an important element in any process of individual or collective regeneration into the mysteries of that country, and still others engaged in what might be described as a pilgrimage of the spirit.

Thus we come to the Vedas, Upanishads, Itihas, Purans and other associated texts about the real spiritual face of the country where you are in fact intertwined over time with its spirituality, involving every aspect of life with the book intended to outline the true contours of culture and wisdom of India.

The book's discusses the civilization of India, with all views in connection with the metaphysical conception of Hinduism, from which it derives its beautiful theory, about its society, politics, mentality, touching on topics and thoughts in all fields. The book has a double value on the floor of the history of ideas, with reference precisely to image of India which was broadcast in the past and in itself as a document that exists for understanding some aspects of Hindu culture and society.

The heart and essence of the Indian experiment are found in the constant intuition of unity of all life and instinctive and ineradicable belief that the recognition of this unit is the highest good and the highest freedom. Anything that India is able to offer the world stems from his philosophy, later called religion of eternity, but only in India has become the essential foundation of sociology and education.

It is a very clear book in the holistic sense, in sharp contrast, with a story written with myriad wisdom, and a deep knowledge of the culture with the book offers a clear view of the spiritual heritage of India in terms of immediate perception, as opposed to abstract speculation their translations, even if limited in this volume, embody the unusual poetic power.

The author wrote an authoritative and fascinating book on the spiritual heritage of India, with the assets in consonance with the Vedic tradition and its culmination in the Vedanta. Throughout the book there is an air of relaxed simplicity and conviction. The reader will find the book good and a reliable introduction to the spiritual heritage of India.

The book will also be useful for the more serious student of Indian philosophy and religion, since it covers almost the whole field of thought and spiritual practice in this ancient land.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Anju Saha ♥ Pages: 148 ♥ Published: March 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352350742