Book Review: Made in India: Biddu

Made in India: Adventures of a Lifetime by Biddu begins in the early days, from his childhood, with a whole series of very cute and funny anecdotes that already predict the madness behind the genius, much, much more vital, poetic and lyrical than we could expect from the biography of a music producer, composer, songwriter and singer and the best part of the book are the first pages, about the story of his youth.

As a child, Biddu dream of going west and making it life-size as a musician. At the age of sixteen, he created a pop group and started playing in an espresso bar in Bangalore, his home town. At eighteen, he was part of a in style act at Trinca's, a nightspot in Calcutta committed to food, wine and music, At nineteen, he had academy students in Bombay dance to his compositions.

In his early twenties, he left the country and finished up hitch-hike across the Middle East before arriving in London with only the outfits on his back and his faithful guitar. What followed were years of suffering and effort but also great melodies and jamboree. From the nine million selling Kung Fu Fighting to the iconic youth song of Made in India and the copious hits in between Biddu's compositions made him a household name in India and away.

In this first public description of all that came his way, the public, the events, the music tours and companies, Biddu writes with a spellbinding sense of wittiness about his amazing expedition with its enchanted conclusion.

The book but keeps the typical structure of the autobiography of a musician with a book steeped in melancholy that will appeal to fans, which in this edition has been able to replicate the glories of the past, when he managed to triumph.

The notebook of biographies and musical transcriptions of Biddu is a fascinating text for both the stories he tells, and music laying on paper, both for its location at the level of culture. These can be trusted or not, but they express a popular culture that does not only matter of spontaneous observation from outside but also able to observe and reflect on itself.

The character of Biddu is explained in a very raw manner and without masks. The strictly biographical book is written with accuracy and precision, but the most interesting part of the work is it consists of the complete history of performances by him, documenting precisely a brilliant career like no other.

A man has created new needs and new wonders. Reading, therefore, focuses on the private life of Biddu, and the roughness of his being. The private side seems light years away from the genius, and definitely let it down the way he carried out his role, certainly not to be imitated.

Biddu has portrayed authentically, emphasizing hid extraordinary quality and at the same time his temper and duplicity of his ethics. The reading is also very smooth thanks to the skill of the author, which will make you enjoy it in one breath. The novel is never heavy, so it's smooth and light, never too descriptive and was really passionate. It is bright, interesting and sliding. The narrative is never overly descriptive or heavy, and never tends to fall too in the celebration of the protagonist.

This biography of Biddu is not just a celebration of the genius, but the real and true description of his life, of his faults and virtues, the narrative of his mistakes, his tragedies together with his wins.

Publisher: Read Out Loud ♥ ISBN: 978-8193136003 ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Pages: 260 ♥ Language: English