Book Review: Little Bits of Karma: Laura Simmons

Little Bits of Karma by Laura Simmons follows a woman across time and space, with a little story of a woman's life, through the faces that are around her, the meetings that marked her youth, her precarious balance, and borderline weaving minute stories of romance into one all-encompassing poignant romance of two souls who have chased each other through the centuries, but always been frayed apart.

Even though Holly O’Rourke is having problems with her long-time significant other, James, she has certainly not considered deception that is, until the day she has a very exciting meet with Charlie, a fine-looking colleague. Anxious to identify with her ever more differing emotions, Holly schedules a rendezvous for an appraisal with a spiritual medium.

She learns a startling deeper sense to her current plight as her past life is full of infidelity and heartbreaking consequences and not just with James and Charlie as the threads of her spirit have been interwoven for centuries with those of a number of folks in her present life. Holly is fragile, always about to break, but it is also able to be reborn every time with an incredible tenacity.

The narrative moves between the mind that sees Holly, the protagonist, fragile and insecure, in a state of depression and impatience and her past, but has nothing extraordinary, is more or less normal life of a restless woman, who seeks fulfilment and try to build a better position and to understand what she really want to do in life. She, who, as soon as she stops, returns to feel pain. She was then anchored to the ground and learns to know through the mini-time shifts.

The book, supported by a ironic and sharp writing is able to warm up to create unforgettable characters, and takes a unusual and shining look on Holly’s past and is the story of a woman, ruthless but tenderly fragile, cheerful, motherly, so painfully close to the authenticity of life that we seem to know as much as we know ourselves.

Sometimes you think to begin to really live you must first understand who you are, make the right choices, to put everything in order, but at the end of your life is the way you have lived. The way you are living now.

This is not a novel but is the story of a piece of life. Holly for everything that happens to her obeys the karma, the law governing the various human experiences of a spiritual entity, the law by which all life is the inevitable consequence of their previous conduct. All that we are is determined from what we were, and what we will be, will be determined by what we are now.

Karma is the law of cause and effect applied to the life that returns with a new form but with the same substance. In short, we have here yet another character with the pain of living, which we have a bit in all of us, even those of us not lucky enough to fall into standing as the protagonist of this story.

The prose is dry and direct, descriptive and no frill that takes you and involves from the first page, and makes you grow fond of Holly and is followed in its descriptive jumps between her current life and her story. She fills the plot and language, overshadows all the other characters, and this is the main merit of this book, with a character who can stand on her shoulders.

Other people who appear in the novel are there just to make a frame, who presents the fundamental aspects to explain their relationship with the protagonist and nothing more. They speak when necessary and for the rest are kept on the margins, but this is not a defect, it fits perfectly into the story.

In short, a story that basically did not a particularly have an original storyline, nor full of twists, yet it can still engage the reader, to arouse the curiosity that leads you to want to devour the book to know how it went ahead the life of this woman, which choices and events has confronted.

The language is simple, smooth, without complicated circumlocution, with a descriptive language that is well suited to the narrative voice. It is a book that has all its strength in the character and as such it is appreciated so much with the portrait of a determined woman, charismatic, that is enough, for whom nothing is never enough.

From troubled youth, wrong ties, through the family to her devotion that often serves as a means of escape and consolation to concerns that dwells within, page after page, even if the mind is a whirlwind of emotions, it is a simple book but that goes straight to the heart.

Many women can recognize in her suffering to themselves, and in her inability to fully enjoy the events of life. Holly appears a woman who suffered life events, chasing a state of happiness that never reaches, and gets overwhelmed by situations that basically does not want to, just to enjoy strong emotions that make you feel alive.

The smooth and fluid writing makes reading extremely pleasant because it is a real book, sincere, well written, full of phrases very beautiful and exciting that go straight to the heart.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 334 ♥ Publisher: Outskirts Press ♥ Published: June 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1478757160