Book Review: Invasion of the Earthmen: Vitor Rodrigues

Invasion of the Earthmen by Vitor Rodrigues is a science fiction escapade into the areas of space travel, translocation and individual makeover where each idea, plot, discourse and disposition has been on paper from someone who knows what it means to experience enlightenment and is eager to carve up his understanding and his fervour for human race with the person who reads.

Henry Livingstone is met by intelligence agents and recruited for a humanitarian assignment into space study, or so he is told. His transpersonal skills have qualified him for the position and he is in high spirits to lend a hand until he meets Gael that is, the convivial planner from the sphere Ixnor. Livingstone soon discovers that space journey is not the only outline Star 1 has onboard and along with an armoury of nuclear warheads the earthmen set on raiding Ixnors natural wherewithal.

What the earthmen do not know is that the Ixnorians have long since transcended combat and misdemeanour and that Livingstone, the only one accomplished of returning Star 1 to earth, is surreptitiously falling in love with Gael that make him save the planet Ixnor from an about to happen incursion of the Earthmen.

The book is largely compensated by the lively imagination, as the adventure continues in infinite exaltation, with the joyful freshness of the characters and events, both naive and vital to often be unforgettable. The narrative moved in a frenetic pace, and they were exciting and full of sense that truly feels something that sci-fiction today has perhaps lost.

The narrative on the concepts of space, time and reality are treated in a concise, fluent and never boring manner, and this is definitely a great merit of the author, that is clear, simple, deep, thorough, orderly and compelling to read and re-read, the pages that shore up many concepts, many explanations for having always clear before the eyes and mind the idea more updated universe that contemporary science has developed.

Space and time is for centuries the centre of philosophical and scientific inquiry, yet still beyond our full understanding. In this book, the author combines his vast knowledge with an extraordinary narrative skill to guide the reader on a journey through the mysteries of the universe, telling an intellectual adventure that has not ended yet dynamically evolving and on the other hand upsets our intuitive idea of space, providing for bizarre phenomena, including the entanglement, a kind of correlation at a distance which acts in an instant.

In some ways at the end of this book, the world no longer looks like before and nothing is taken for granted.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Inner Vision Press ♥ Pages: 184 ♥ Published: January 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-0956883384