Book Review: The Great War Of Hind: Vaibhav Anand

The Great War Of Hind: The Legend of Ramm by Vaibhav Anand works loose the fairy-tale of the military general called Ramm in the territory of Ayodh and how his activities come to delineate our planet as we identify it today.

Around 12000 B.C., Hindustan, consist of five kingdoms of man, crammed between Parbat, the realm of the Gods in the north, and Lunka, the empire of the mischievous sprites in the south. The ancient dispute between Good and Evil is a game in which men do not command with the story is very special, as the plot very well narrate lives of those times but not only that, we can also witness the fusion of reality and fantasy.

The extraordinary thing about these characters that blend fantasy, mythology and history, is that of an imaginative and a bit crazy mind that seem real. They are so well described and complete that you cannot but appreciate. The mystery is dense and intricate and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place in a methodical way.

From the beginning the novel presents elements of mythology, but these are often told in a particular way. The author has in fact been able to take cue from Indian mythology, but has been able to perfectly combine these elements to his imagination, creating a mysterious and fascinating world.

In the book you can taste the value of life, a wonderful gift that is ephemeral with the detailed descriptions of the places, detailed but not verbose. The characters are very well characterized and it is easy to become attached to them almost immediately with multi-faceted characters who enrich the book.

The story is pleasant that will make me continue reading with pleasure. The characters are well characterized, with an antagonist that makes its appearance from the beginning with profound themes and feelings intertwined contribute to enrich the novel with the views of the author, and a reading certainly original.

Although the plot of the book is complex and rich in detail and characters, it is never confusing, and this is for the language which is always accurate, clear, precise, appropriate to the context and genre, very smooth, both for the characters who live in this story, each fully hatched, of which we understand the thoughts, feelings, fears, but also evil, greed, lust for power with regard to negative ones.

The whole context of the ancient India, references to creation, is full of suggestiveness, which is charming, recounted in a sublime way, as if we were in a dream, where we can not but feel involved by what we see, because the feelings and emotions that the narrative evokes in the reader are many and strong.

The descriptive sequences are present in a balanced way than intimating narrative, so that at each return stage the reader is able to find their way to pick up the thread of the speech, to understand them at all times better what is going on, sensing meanings and correlations between the facts and the characters.
The book always appear to us so close, intense enough to create a lot of interest around the characters and what concerns them; the moments of battle are also narrated smoothly, without ever being heavy or boring, far from it; there is much room for love, for the feelings of loyalty, friendship, courage, sense of responsibility towards their tasks, the ability to sacrifice for others, and this also makes the characters divine and very human, with the same passions and the same pains of every human being.

The book presents a world far away and yet near, that kidnaps, charms, intrigues the reader, giving experiences and emotions in a captivating and compelling manner.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers ○ Published: August 2015 ○ ISBN - 13:  978-9382665465  ○  Language:  English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 184