Book Review: Deliverance Of Sarpa Meru: Rakesh Menon

Deliverance of Sarpa Meru by Rakesh Menon is a thriller set on the milieu of contemporary, embryonic oomph wars and its repercussions on this side of the sphere with a story which takes you through the minutiae of secessionism which ruins societal amity all across the globe.

A tiny island sprouts out of a Sage's numinous powers where an eight-headed snake but puts a claim for the atoll and there start a showdown among the sage and the serpent in a social order that evolves from the philosophy of a great character often rocked by peripheral influences sandwiched in the rising power equations of the planet.

The story is really interesting and original and is structured well and reads fluently. There is full of twists and suspense and is a book that leaves you breathless with not just the classic tale of good and the evil, but there is an element of originality and very addictive characters in the unfolding of the plot and that will give you all round emotions.

This book will arrest you, and you cannot stop reading and is so full of events that will involve you up to the end, because it is well written. Not only is the story really original all nice and not obvious, it is an exciting book which you cannot detach from yourself as the well-written story drags you into the world full of passion, love, rivalry, and friendship.

The adventure does not fail and is full of twists that jumps between past and future, at first, with an incredible story in illuminating lights and enveloping shadows, and the colour of life in black and white near and contemporary mixed with a mythology so real and tangible, where you can feel the smells and tremors in a great story, written with skill, the right timing, the pauses, chasing breaths and then staying for then, again, catch speed.

The book is written in an impeccable manner and is simply splendid with myths blended in modern society, with a masterful conjugation between love, romance, passion, friendship, betrayal, humor, mythology, and irony. The result is a well-written novel, exciting and sometimes even touching.

The characters are described very well and sometimes without hiding their cruelty and in short, in this beautiful novel the heroes appear more authentic, human and earthly, without losing that aura of an epic.

The reading is simple and extremely well told and you can have the impression of watching a movie as it was so well described in a world that is full of myths, of divine interventions, heroes and battles, but seen through the eyes of the man who wants the truth than the fables of the singers.

Produced by the innate human tendency to tell the myth in every culture it offers a multi-faceted series of symbolic figures and role models who charm, but at the same time tell an adventurous story full of twists and turns, but also simple and clear, as are the characters that symbolize the fundamental characteristics of man.

The story is nice to read because it is not just fascinating and adventurous, but with its characters and the story that also wants to speak to the reader, to communicate in the deep values and teachings.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Partridge India ♥ Pages: 248 ♥ Published: March 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1482845273