Book Review: 100 Years of Deception: Alan R. Adaschik

100 Years of Deception: A Blueprint for the Destruction of a Nation, by Alan R. Adaschik is a paperback about how the populace of the United States have been played for fools over the past century as only some Americans discern anything about what is at the back of the dealings which have fashioned our planet.

The volume starts out by indicating that the US administration was overthrown in 1913 by a faction of conspirators who engineered passage of the Federal Reserve Act and ever since then, these individuals have pulled the strings which made everyone dance by controlling US media, and they have kept everyone unaware to what they were undertaking

The majority of us presume that information provided by the news broadcast, radio, TV industries is the reality and generally it is, conversely, it also correct that on significant issues we merely get fraction of the story and a lot of key information is consciously left out. In addition, in news stories stress is everything and can be used to contour perceptions in relation to dealings.

As bad as this is, it is not the whole narrative because the conspirators have also infiltrated most key institutions US society and having accomplished this, through unwarranted pressure they have wrought how Americans view the world and regrettably, the perceptions are convenient to them and not in the best interest or the best interest of everyone else.

They have been so successful determining opinion that, today, most Americans are terribly brainwashed and this paperback is an endeavour to shed light upon what most individuals do not know in the expectation of snapping them out of the dream which holds them in incarceration.

Get ready to dive in recent history with a historical novel that is meticulous and precise with inextricable real and fictional characters or almost. And the models, the rituals, the passions, the themes, the joints of the American history of the years will find them all, as a preliminary sketch suggests the fresco that you paint over.

Even if in fact the largest players and consequences of the past is the fresco, this is the preliminary sketch. The book is powerful to the richness of the characters some real, some rebuilt along the lines of roman à clef surrounding the protagonists in a fascinating book for anyone who is fascinated and intrigued by the mechanisms of great history as the make up of the power play every day and the moves of the policy.

The book is overwhelming and complex, that cannot be put down but requires active participation of the reader, his attention, his curiosity and we are in the making of history, in an America waiting at the window, while it understands the fears, and perhaps to shake the country out of its blind isolationism in a ride to the political and economic power.

People sometimes tempted by the intimacy with power, is guilty of a kind of well-meaning silence, the well-orchestrated silence. People who stand to discover how games of power are the largest and most complex of the truth and delude themselves that they hope to tell on the pages of their newspapers.

The author then builds a historical novel interwoven with a roman à clef, using historical data at his disposal to tell his but not only his version of events, and makes history. In other words, the writer paints a powerful portrait of cunning and determined political administrations.

The political power in America requires constant indications that are the opposite of the truth and that Americans love comforting lies. This is the reference grid through which to read this fascinating tapestry and lavish, excessive and rich, full snobbery and lightness, of sex and power, interests and ideals, of corruption and hopes, of sound and fury. A book that tells us about America as it prepares to be what we see again today.

Publisher: Outskirts Press ○ Published: June 2015 ○ ISBN-13: 978-1478753667 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 264