Book Review: The War Prince: Adrian Castaneda

The War Prince Adrian Castaneda is a story about Anthony Cast an out of the ordinary young man who wasn't supposed to be born alive. Moments before dying, the War Prince gave Anthony Cast his heart, giving him an opening at life. With the help of associates, Anthony has to endure all attacks from iniquity to raise The War Prince, who reincarnates as his son.

Sometimes fairy tales fascinate even adults because their simple plot and fantastic elements hides a profound message that can enthuse readers of all ages. The book shows a growth path between the childish and naive component and of the adventurous character of the protagonist; although adult, he has not forgotten himself as a child.

The author then knows that very often adults do not understand the fantasies of children and just as often this is a source of suffering for children. The main character can flip the way usually look at things and people as the author so presents the reader with a gallery of characters with which stigmatizes common flaws of mankind.

The action is there and is fantastic, I must say that lately I appreciate a lot more novels with action scenes that sickly sweet things. The book tells of a boy forced to grow up very quickly to face his destiny in a world where good and evil are fighting each other to the bitter end.

Great book, very well written and very addictive this is the classic summer tale to read at a young age. Due to the simple and smooth style, the author captures the reader with the dark atmosphere and this book is really very nice and meets expectations.

The book keeps its structure, without ever leaving the narrative trails, and easy mistake to make when evil plays such an important role. The world and the characters are intertwined in a charming way, preferring action to the description, a reserve even more dense, bloody and wicked.

Well-written and well-built, a revolutionary work with a journey through the psychology of evil and a real immersion in the most obscure and downs of a post apocalyptic committed to fighting and destroying as the ancients, whose power had managed to eclipse everything, even themselves.

On the other hand the scenes depicted are so extreme as to offend and alienate a large number of readers. Nevertheless, it is a marvel of literature, engaging and visceral, as it pushes you to turn pages without even realizing it.

Excellent plot, the characters more and more complex and compelling, seasoned with adolescent situations touches of magic, all narrated in clear and smooth style.

Publisher: Outskirts Press ○ Published: June 2015 ○ ISBN-13: 978-1478755821 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 142