Book Review: There's Something About You: Yashodhara Lal

There's Something About You by Yashodhara Lal is a contemporary romance but not your characteristic boy-meets-girl story which combines pure romance, sensuality, passion, and mystery, the ingredients of a good romance novel.

Trish is twenty-eight out of work, plump, distinct and meandering while Sahil is thirty-five, who plays the guitar, helps the neglected and talks about his feelings openly. When Trish and Sahil meet, magic happens but Trish doesn't desire anybody in her existence and yet, Sahil is unwavering to be in her verve.

The story is about a woman running away from the others and from herself. At first glance it might seem a book that tells the story of a woman destroyed by life and society, but in reality almost without realizing it you find yourself early on a parallel wire, which makes it easier to empathize with the character in the enchanting rhythm and compelling narrative.

Trish has a complex character, edgy, often acts in an impudent against Sahil but everything is justified by her past, and present, which she seeks to rid putting even an ocean somewhere between two continents. But the fear, the pain, the guilt that she carry within her always make her love feelings magically disappear and makes the book even more beautiful, pleasant and credible.

The continuing disagreements between the two main characters made the story more exciting and never predictable that is light and engaging and the book have a reserve of interesting characters, carefully characterized and full of sensuality to be emphasized.

The writing is smooth and simple, as is always to this author, and in this time there is more novelty and double perspective alternates, because it lets you know the thoughts and feelings of both characters as the love affair between the two main characters is a bit faster as also the encounter and confrontation between the protagonists, the verbal diatribe flashing pages, leitmotiv of most romance, is a fundamental element that never fails to please.

The writer is capable, careful, and leaves almost nothing to chance and manages to enrich her novel without falling into the vernacular, that reads very easily and you find yourself at the end without even realizing it. In some places, the reader would have imagined the discounted and rosy situations that instead the author has been very good to avoid.

The book has always maintained a touch of suspense and tension that allows the reader to scroll through the pages without stopping until we come to an end. A good book light and romantic, something recommended to lovers of contemporary romance.

A well-written book, which is read gladly and quickly and that provides food for thought about life, about mistakes and errors of assessment as sometimes love is not a need, but an overflow and a luxury. It means owning so much in life that you do not know what to do. It means having the heart with endless melodies to sing. Even if no one is listening, you still have to sing, and dance with yourself.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Harlequin ♥ Pages: 268 ♥ Published: July 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9351771999