Book Review: NRI: Amar Vyas

NRI : Now, Returned to India by Amar Vyas is an amusing description of the experiences of Amol Dixit, a Non Resident Indian who relocates to India in haste, which throw his life in turmoil and cost him the woman he loves, and learns the hard way that living in India is no child's play and just when his existence hits rock bottom, she enters his life once again.

The story begins with the protagonist, Amol Dixit, who is leaving for India but moving back to India was the last thing on his mind, when he was leading a happy-go-lucky life in Chicago but one day, he found himself sleeping on the streets of Mumbai and now, just when life gives him promises of joy, understands that it's time to tell the truth, even in himself. It's up to you break down the walls of the secret garden that he has so stubbornly defended. It's up to him to find the key to open himself.

The book thus becomes a kind of long diary, written in the first person by the same Amol and says that summer when, he lived in America, although he feels different because of being Indian and, decided to return to India, his native country. There he rediscovers his origins, with events that will allow him to not only learn about his origins, but about aspects under the guise of Indian monsters that feed on human flesh.

The book is very smooth and the author has managed to perfectly describe the relationships and a India where it is normal to feel lost, the links between the components of the same and of people that had come in contact. Despite all of this is done through the eyes of a NRI who was trying to put light on those small and big secrets, the characters are well described.

The book takes you into those magical places, where not only the natural scenery enchants, but a mixture of smells, tastes and colours, where maybe you will not go but you can make your thanks to those descriptions, which are not too detailed but a description that does not seem just words, and letters but full of feelings with a glimpse of the enchanting world because the good things at some point end.

There are many mysteries surrounding the life of Amol and at the end of the novel, some will be revealed, leaving the reader with the hope of a result. Indeed, the book reciprocate by giving a lot more than just scented paper that remains on the fingers with a wonderful journey between America and India, among the flavours, colours and traditions of a magical land with people tough and at the same time fragile, victims of bad choices, blackmail and pains often misleading.

A novel, strong and incisive, because it tells the courage and the determination of a man in trying to face that reality with a novel smooth and pleasant that transports you to a India that simultaneously fascinates and amazes at times positively and at other negatively for its traditions and customs that drags you in India, a country that fascinates with its traditions continuously growing up to a touching finale.

A book very pleasant, smooth, albeit imaginative, to be read in one breath with the writing is pleasant where emerge beautiful sentiments, the strength of the friendships, the joy of discovery and encounters, and the efforts to not to succumb to fate.

The writing remains always so authentic, simple and addictive and is a novel rich in its simplicity extremely touching and profound, to savour the mystery that envelop the whole novel after Amol lands in India and is also something of the thriller, even if the setting is something of classical and oriental flavour, and in short, is a melting pot of genres and inspirations.

Like a prism that reflects the colours, smells and tastes of the emotions, this amazing novel unfolds the infinite nuances of human feelings and reconstructs the history of Amol, and reveal how it is always possible to break the chains of the past and open up momentum to what the future has to offer with a novel that contains within it a whole world of feelings, mysteries, fears, hypocrisy.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 290 ♥ Publisher: Gajanan ♥ Published: 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ASIN: B00Q63FWIK