Book Review: A Light in the Desert - Anne Montgomery

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A Light in the Desert by Anne Montgomery is a book that traces the account of a expectant adolescent who bears an abnormal facial defect, a Vietnam veteran and ex-Special Forces sniper who as he descends into the throes of mental illness latches onto the girl, and a group of Pentecostal zealots who have been waiting over thirty years in the Arizona desert for Armageddon.

The Amtrak Sunset Limited, a passenger train en route to Los Angeles, is derailed in their midst’s, a lethal operate of disruption with lives are thrown into mayhem when local and state police, FBI investigators, and a pack of journalists make camp by the warped shards of the Sunset Limited. As the hunt for the saboteurs continues, the powers that be find more questions than answers as the young woman inexplicably vanishes, the murderer struggles to keep his sense, and a kid is about to be born in the rough country.

The story is set in the timeless rhythms and is a story wrapped around to read and meditate. This novel is very interesting to read as the writer has exposed all the weaknesses of human beings, interweaving them with a detective story that deals with sensitive issues and not to be missed is the small twists cleverly inserted between the chapters.

The texture is smooth and the book reads very easily, with the investigations and their outcome is very credible, which we saw from afar how perfect and idyllic, and highlight the sense of alienation of the protagonist who becomes increasingly hard and finds herself in a fast-changing society.

The story is intricate enough, with an investigation that takes cross streets, going to dig into the life of the protagonist and finding things not quite commendable. The writing of the author is frighteningly powerful, a real treat for anyone who is not a lover of reading.

The story is very well written with the turning point of the investigation will indeed afloat some truths that will drastically change the lives of several characters; already because the reality is quite different from that which appears and at the end, in a plot worthy of the best mystery writer, the ending will leave everyone very surprised, with lots of twists and the succession of truth hidden for years and then revealed at the right time.

A beautiful book, with an interplay between investigations and private lives of the many characters involved in the story, that makes it pleasant reading, trying to alleviate the seriousness of the offences committed, at times it is perhaps a bit trivial, but overall it's still a good novel that is read with pleasure, which opens a window on life in American society.

A gripping thriller, with a flowing style, and typical characters which are the fundamental elements of this story about forms of cruelty is absolutely realistic, given the record of today. Original is the alternation of chapters of this book with short chapters that tell, the past before, and in this then, the point of view of the protagonist.

The book stands out for the characterization that stands out the way of life and pain and there are those who forget quickly, there are those who in the heart, there are those who exceed the time because it helps to blunt it, there who reworks. But the pain is the undisputed star, on every page.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 262 ♥ Publisher: Sarah Book Publishing ♥ Published: 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1614563006