Book Review: Life Had Other Plans: Munish Dhawan

Life Had Other Plans by Munish Dhawan has a story about friendship, true, deep and intimate, sometimes too thin boundaries with love and friendship that can give wonderful moments, but to which we must be able give up, to deal with what our heart really wants, in a perfect reading for the summer.

The book is a soaring drama of love gained and love gone astray that builds up to a totally out of the blue conclusion which is part humorous, part crazy, part heart-rending romance where nothing goes according to plan for the three protagonists Nikhil, Ratnesh and Supriya, who are forced to meet head-on their innermost, darkest secrets.

Nikhil aka Nik, a college dropout, joins a fervently electric advertising agency, with keen expectations, only to find out that his existence is about to transform everlastingly as he bumps into Ratnesh aka Ratty and Supriya aka Su, who unconsciously make out that there's a celestial bond among the three as before long, they turn out to be the best of friends and three more team up with them to shape an eccentric faction that lives up to the advertising world's character of being utterly wild.

Just when they anticipate that their cheerful little world continues, existence reveals a new plan, when Nik commits the fundamental misdemeanour of falling in love with one of his top associates Su, but before he can affirm it, he learns that Su is in love as well, but with Ratty and they get married soon. However, things take a complete turn when Ratty charge Su for infidelity with Nik.

There is a very thin line between friendship and love, The chapters in which the author highlight the various romances of the main characters are great, both for the richness of detail and for hilarious scenes that make reading even more enjoyable. It’s a story light and carefree, that narrated by the author, brings us the story of individuals struggling with complicated love situations, sometimes questionable, but more for their number. The finale was very meaningful and romantic.

It’s amazing how the author manages to make alive the emotions of the main characters who, are so well described that the reader lives with them every pain, fear and joy and all with a great intensity that chills. Nik, with a few aspects of the ideal Prince Charming, and with his sweetness and his defects still managed to be appreciated and to prove better than many other characters.

From the pen of the author thus was born a novel that has all the characteristics of the love story, but it's fun, exciting and never boring enough and teases the reader's curiosity, that every time they enjoy discovering the relations of the trio.

The author’s style is simple, direct and deeds are narrated in a natural way with a colloquial and uncensored language and have made the book a reading fits all ages which makes the story even more realistic and believable, and as you go on with reading the story never becomes predictable, and the whole book is almost perfect!

The book is a sweet story that makes you smile with ironic exchanges between the protagonists, which pampers the reader, and shows the beauty of true friendship and a great love shyly hiding for fear of ruining everything. In fact this is the kind book to take on holiday, thanks to the storyline and never boring as the reading is fast and perfect for those looking for an exciting reading with an ending worthy of wonderful love movies!

Love can hide anywhere, and who says that it cannot hide behind the face of the person that we think less suitable to us, if that person is the only one who can think, the only one with whom you can be comfortable and to be serene.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 361 ♥ Published: January 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384226572