Book Review: Joys And Woes Are Woven Fine: Arkaprava De

Joys And Woes Are Woven Fine by Arkaprava De has a rare advantage that hits the target and the author does it with such accuracy that, as the pinball well addressed, rang suddenly all the bells and opens the door and says, from an existence whatever, a pain that we cannot help but recognize, almost a disease of our time.

Ketaki, a result of desire born in Kolkata was an unwanted guest who was abducted and trafficked to Hyderabad and spent nine years beseeching on the pavements and returned again to Kolkata where she was sold off to a procuress in Sonargachi. She married Raghu and started leading a hale and hearty life with the two of them, so different, but together they are something beautiful.

At first very little, microscopic cracks appear that common sense dictates of neglect then, when the crack is large enough that we can look into it, to keep a safe distance from the edge of the abyss. As long as it is the same abyss to swallow and sunk in a bottomless sadness and without reason, a hostage of her own demons, Ketaki is far.

Ketaki is an ideal of absolute purity, which means the stark objectivity of the facts that let her die, as the disease of the soul invades the body and dries up. But how do you condemn the woman knowing that she only acts for love? How do you accept that the instinct, sometimes, can meet the death instinct, and that the desire of absolute good will coincide with the most atrocious evil?

The theme of the book is an unusual theme, perhaps unusual for young readers, but even more so for the adults, used to thinking of them as a concentrate of perennial noise sometimes this is also, of course. It is said that we are in society, but for auditory stimuli the same holds true where we are chaotically surrounded by sounds, noises, demands, stresses.

The book summarizes all the fruitful possibilities and forms that can take the silence. As the author points out, he does not name explicitly if not the end, but it tells how putting aside a secret, a development somewhat can able to do things really sad.

The book produces thoughts, but becomes even majestic when you walk in front of vast landscapes. It can multiply the effect of sadness, especially if it is at that time prohibited. It gives way to look within and to test the playmates with whom you are really good, but it can also become a wall, and scary sometimes.

The book settles in the scenes in realistic spaces, mackerel and lyrical when there are landscapes, full of objects and full of truth. Every moment is told to double page, and greatly enlivens the iconic continuous narrative with change of perspective, with much attention focused on the activities at the level of Ketaki, as pointed out by the end.

The novel mix agony with relief, delicate and perfect and take you forward in that impossible place where the primary things collapse, life gets her falling, and the more peaceful conditions, must be won with the fastest smart and fierce wars.

With a writing dry and lucid the book tell the horror, but is also capable of great tenderness, as the author creeps gently and courage in that incredible emotional hurricane that sweeps a woman, and tells of no convictions and no acquittals. Only with the participation of those who know who is telling a real story, which is closer than we would like to admit.

Everything that is written is true, and the synthesis of a story of a woman that gives us a history of extreme suffering, and it tells us what happens when evil lurks there where there should be more of infinite tenderness.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Author's Ink ♥ Pages: 162 ♥ Published: 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8192955568