Book Review: Got a Bad Picker: Jesse Carr MD

Got a Bad Picker by Jesse Carr MD is a how-to book crammed with holistic drills intended to assist you with that special instant in existence while choosing your life partner and discover how to make better decisions by convalescing self-awareness, sense of worth, and taking charge of your verve by employing fresh strategies, crafted with the tried-and-true methods of constructive psychology, to take pleasure in and breathe in every split second along the boulevard toward personal fulfilment and relationship delight.

Following innumerable first dates, too many break-ups, and perhaps the development of a late at night ice cream inclination, have you started to conjecture if you’ve got a Bad Picker but the author is here to tell you that you’re not alone and that your picker can be trained to discover your ideal companion.

Who has not experienced in life problems in relationships at least once? The relationship difficulties seem to be a sad leitmotif that accompanies most of us. Whether it's misunderstandings with parents, children, friends, partners everyone sooner or later are called to this painful confrontation.

We can answer the call or not, but try to think about when you have preferred not to, when you have fled or simply declined to ask yourself too many questions how it ended? It often seems to be caught by a kind of curse in which the same problems, the same painful situations recur with other people and then still other and other until, exhausted, we surrender and accept that comparison.

Do you feel trapped in a kind of script that returns mercilessly in your life? This book was born to address precisely this dilemma and try to answer the question, how do you change the script in your emotional relationships? It's one of those books that remain in and accompany you, step by step, helping you not to fall back into old patterns.

First, there is the bad luck brought us together more and the same type of people, but a mechanism that is activated in us and that, like it or not, we are attracted to them and draw them towards us. May be the most wrong, what will make us suffer and despair like no other, but the attraction is fatal. There we choose unconsciously and perpetuate the pattern of pain that, since the last report ended badly, we promised to avoid like the plague.

The premise behind the book is that our existence does not begin and end on the physical plane, but we are engaged in a journey that could be called spiritual. So, we are all on Earth to learn, there are dark parts of us that lead us to certain experiences, dark because we do not know, nothing happens by chance but everything is aimed at our growth and increase our awareness.

In the course of our existence on earth, we will follow a path that will lead to overcome the difficulties, challenges to be met, quality development, to transform attitudes and life lessons to be integrated. All this can be called life project. It is important that you know it because it's an approach that some may be difficult, so better to know in advance and consciously choose the path that can help us in a particular moment of our lives.

This type of route is a commitment we make against ourselves, but not just because everything heals us also affects those around us. Some people will turn away from us because they are still clinging to our old patterns, while others will approach and will give us the opportunity to experience new relationships more healthy and harmonious. It will not happen overnight, of course, but we will notice the change and this will be our best reward.

If you are ready to embark on a journey within yourself and your relationship problems, then this book will be of great help.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 90 ♥ Publisher: MLN Productions ♥ Published: May 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-0578159584