Book Review: A Christian Understanding of Deception: Douglas Wardrop

A Christian Understanding of Deception: Gaining an Appreciation of How Satan Uses Deception by R. Douglas Wardrop is a book that divides, those on the side of the faith, and those on the side of the atheists, and the fact is that it is a book about the history, facts, based on questions that are not answered on theological basis, but on a historical basis.

Billions of people are now deceived. Billion previously were. You too have been deceived. A complete seduction has taken place, and all religions of the world have had a part in it. Many wonder and worry about the unknown-and what their future holds. Others fear they will not have a future either. Still others fear that civilization has no future. You no longer need to doubt your future or humanity.

To the uneducated, the Bible is a book of astonishing statements. It reveals startling truths, completely unknown even to those who profess to understand it. But there are few statements more astonishing than those found in Revelation. As the prince of the power of the air, Satan has influenced, guided, controlled and completely deceived the unsuspecting masses.

This is an absolutely staggering revelation-so much that most simply ignore or reject it, believing that it can not possibly be true. But it is in your Bible. And consequently, the whole world is deceived by the fact that you were cheated! Satan blinds the world to the true gospel for a personal reason. Of course, Satan tries to prevent people from understanding this marvellous truth, not willing that the light shine on the incredible God's purpose for mankind. He wants humanity, collectively and individually.

In fact, the devil also recognizes that the arrival of the kingdom of God means that he will be exiled from his current position of global influence as the god humanity unwittingly worships. It will no longer permit to deceive or weaken the nations. He also realizes that he can never receive what God has given to men.

Christianity is represented by hundreds of different sects and denominations, in competition, contenders-and multiplied. The alleged Christianity appears in every shape, flavour, colour and texture of the custom and belief conceivable. Many have assumed that this is the natural state of the questions in the Christian world that this is the way God must want it.

Put another way, this means that there are hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions, of clergy who represent and teach the beliefs of this kaleidoscope of different forms and discordant of Christianity. The majority who attends these various churches have also assumed, therefore, that all these must generally be ministers of God -which represent and teach what God wants to teach. There may be an assumption more dangerous or more clearly wrong!

As the god of a completely deceived world, which must therefore include all the different forms of Christianity and other religions, Satan has its own representatives. He uses these representatives to spread unintentionally his false doctrines. Yes, he has been able to achieve this almost universal success because the devil has his own ministers! Of course, its representatives-his ministers are themselves deceived into believing that they are God's ministers. Some teach some aspect of God's truth, but virtually none of His most important truths!

If only humanity knew what God has in it! Yet a deliberate suppression of the truth concealed this knowledge to all but a few. You can be an exception-one of the few who are not deceived! The world has believed a false gospel for 2,000 years. It has generally supposed that Jesus Christ is the gospel rather than the Messenger of it. By focusing on Him the Messenger, religious deceivers have been able to suppress and hide successfully the message that He brought!

The vital knowledge of how man could have solved its problems and understand the purpose of God the Supreme has been hidden from the world, keeping it in the dark. The man does not know what it neither knows the reason for its existence. He does not know the way to abundance, peace and all good things in life. The gospel would have shown mankind the solution to many of its unsolvable problems.

But studying the historical evolution of a social institution also means taking account of the contamination that original thinking has undergone over the centuries, it means investigation of the reasons why a practice has actually canonized at the expense of another. We discover in this way that the authors of the Gospels were not the disciples of Jesus, but the founders of various schools of thought formed after the death of Christ.

An exciting book and interesting, capable, through the dialectical reasoning, to maintain two distinct plans between the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith, the first actually lived in Galilee, the second arose from processing later through the church fathers. A text full of ideas for reflection thanks to the clarity of exposition, which returns to the God who became a man in his corporeal dimension of profound humanity and gave the Christian religion the dignity of a unique and extraordinary historical event, valuable cargo beyond any dogmatism.

The topic addressed is obviously very heavy, especially for the amount of centuries that went through and is treated with the right lightness to allow everyone to ask questions, without offending the believers and not help the unbelievers to change his mind or to have confirmation of their beliefs.
A book documented seriously with grace, respect and sensitivity and is very educational for people who do not believe but loves dialogue with those who think the same way and enjoy over erudition also the delicacy in dealing with controversial issues. The player disenchanted with serene judgment and curious about the topics covered, will be able to be satisfied.

This book, does not cast doubt on the truth of faith, but rather rebuilds the historical journey of the Church, most likely, a path all and only human. The Gospels and Christian tradition are reported mostly negative things, sometimes bringing back, perhaps deliberately, inaccuracies.

In conclusion it is a great book, a little difficult at times in certain terms of use not just common but that, seen with eye historical and not theological, certainly gives a different profile of one of the three great monotheistic religions to give answers beyond the principled positions of the Church.

This is a really good book, critical and full of documented information and interesting and its implications in the series over the years and that there was never revealed. A survey of a well-documented part of our history and culture that is never thorough. It's admirable effort to make understandable the steps, but, given the subject, reading still requires some effort.

Great book, interesting and well written based on solid evidence, documented, and not on flights of fancy or fanciful digressions or comforting in a fantastic book where you can find and discover the birth of the religion best known to the world. Through the dialogue structure, the reading is easier even if the terminology is researched and complex. At first glance it may seem pedantic, but you will be fascinated by the events described that so well dot the book.

The current socio-cultural context attests clearly that man has so many things, perhaps everything, but lacks what is most important a heart, a light, a unifying centre that gives meaning and significance to every action and, together, give all his actions a goal that obviously transcends its very existence and projecting his being and his work towards what it produces. This light, this heart, this centre is the pivot from which anthropology is fulfilled or dissolves.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 192 ♥ Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing ♥ Published: April 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1631357459