Book Review: The Chorus Effect: Russell Boyd

The Chorus Effect by Russell Boyd laid the foundation for a new paradigm sorting out the evidence obtained by modern research in the fields of cognitive psychology, biology, parapsychology and quantum physics, and with an eye to the ancient mystical traditions of the world, the author defines monistic idealism where according to the latter is the awareness, no matter, the foundation of all that exists.

Until recently, Chintz had been a fairly regular chap with a rather typical cat who had never journeyed to an unreal matching creation or had ever encountered a teleporting infant or a sensitively established computer. He could count on one hand the number of idealistic parleys he'd had with people holding numerous degrees in advanced physics. And thus far, his association with the voices in his cranium had been only non-physical.

All of a sudden, Chintz finds himself working along with a dysfunctional group of scientists and their beyond belief creations, in quest of answers to long-standing questions with answers that could alter our perception of civilization. Of course, that's only if they can live to tell the tale of federal law enforcement, malnourishment, psychopathic figments of thoughts, the intimidating old man who lives across the road, and the end of the known cosmos. Well, actually it's the end of a creation that only some folks know about other than for Chintz that may not be any better at all.

Before you continue reading, stop and close your eyes for a moment. Now ask yourself the following question at the moment when your eyes were closed, the world continued to exist even if you were not aware? How do you know it? If you think one of those puzzle unanswered the philosophy professor used to stimulate your philosophical imagination, you may be surprised to find that there are scientists, in universities all over, who believe they have found the answer.

And their answer, believe it or not, is No. Now consider something even more disconcerting. Imagine, for a moment, the entire history of the universe. The author is convinced, along with many others, that the universe, in order to exist, requires a conscious sentient being who is aware of it.

Based on an interpretation of the experimental data of quantum physics, the book ties together a myriad of discoveries and theories from different fields, such as artificial intelligence, and mysticism in an effort to show that the discoveries of modern science are in perfect harmony with the deepest mystical truths.

The author also has the gift of humour, and manages to make light his intellectual game making a funny story for everyone, even for those who are not particularly versed in English literature of the nineteenth century, on which builds good part of the story. The style is simple and pleasant, with short chapters and slides that allow us to pause and resume at will.

The plot seemed quite original with very interesting ideas, able to capture the reader's curiosity. The descriptions and hectic situations do not fail to enthuse and encourage reading. Finally a novel pleasant light and fun, that were it not for another at least the basic idea should be read without hesitation.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 460 ♥ Publisher: Outskirts Press ♥ Published: June 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1478750321