Book Review: Arcane Rhapsodies: Navya Jain

Arcane Rhapsodies by Navya Jain weaves in concert a few known and a few mysterious myths, legends and folklore from around the globe in this assortment of short stories in verses takes the person who reads back and forth in time, in and out of fables, open to the reader's individual understanding.

This is a book that links to Henry, a celebrated dramatist who sets out in hunt of stimulation for his verses as you discover with him, the mysterious concealed lights, the mind's eye and the truth that surrounds us and intermittently binds us where every so often there is more than meets the eye, so watch out and don't hold back as you go on board Henry's quest that is bound to leave you ecstatic.

The book using characters and stanzas illuminate where a mysterious minstrel sings and tells in a journey, dedicated to our past and other details of unknown life ever written so far. We find out in detail the various souls who populate this book.

The narrative seems written in verse hidden in prose with a collection of short stories in all different environments and also in style that is all very pleasant with almost magnetic phrases. In each of the stories you are completely immersed in the scene and attracted magnetically. The description does not spare the details, even the strong situations, where there is a sense of feeling of smells and noises.

The book understands an internal investigation and deep characters, sometimes explicit as outdoor scene. The stories take place in an atmosphere different from each other but a thread unites them all and it is precisely this search for something which in most cases is the essence of themselves.

A nice book where the presence of dialogues is as a stop for breath after the race as the narrative then takes it even more distinctive and pleasant. The style of writing is direct, simple and very effective. The frills that dot other works disappear and leave room for action, thoughts, and feelings.

This storybook is really nice and through reading is that you need to immerse yourself in different situations when you want to get away from the problems and relax with these worlds and these intense short stories.

There are pretty thoughts, reflections and considerations of unknown nature in the form of narrative ideas made, fast and short, lasting some time to breathe from time to time surreal and bizarre, comical and ironic, sad and melancholic, or tragic and painful to share fleeting moments of leisure and dark moments of despair.

The stories often provide additional details of a world that let you explore the dynamics remained in the background, giving way to known stories not included in the major novels which are a valuable way to feel in touch with the magical world. The idea of developing this story with a background story, alternating separate stories that begin on the notes works great.

Already after a few pages you breathe, the accurate description and in the comments of the bystanders, the typical setting that brings us back in the emerging world. It is a pleasure to venture with the historic past. You'll soon learn the time and barged into the narrative we forget everything else.

The book, well written and full of surprises, opens a door to the future of a author, who may end up romantically in search of her order, or experience other adventures in this world walking, which is no longer part, but that should really be.

Publisher: Authorspress ○ Published: 2015 ○ ISBN-13: 978-9352070268 ○ Language: English ○ Binding: Paperback ○ Pages: 94