Parents today are more attentive to the needs and education of children, ready to get involved and confront their identities. Parents today are no longer masters and no longer the bogeyman of children and naughty boys. They are no more figures to worship with awe.

What the parents of today have lost in terms of authority, they have gained in terms of humanity and focus on the real needs of children. They are the modern parents who were able to make a virtue of necessity by learning, if necessary, to replace the parental figure, increasingly divided between family and work.

In fact, while the maternal embrace tends to tighten their baby to her chest, to retain and defend, the paternal feeling tends to be stricter but today even in homes no longer exist differences of male and female tasks and are more and more frequent episodes of masculine approach with changing of diapers, preparation of baby bottles, bathing, preparing the sleep and so on.

Oh yeah. Because in a society where even the mothers work as, if not more, than the father by choice or economy, they too were forced to roll up their sleeves and to acquire skills in terms of baby food and diapers, and tasks of birthday parties, dresses and rompers. And so on and so forth.

So, it is not unusual exit from kindergarten or school, in recreation centre or house mate who organized the birthday party, meet them, take care and be attentive, ready to exchange views and opinions on the education of little children, on their entertainment, leisure, games, problems etc.

The evolution of time has changed and those that were once defined aspects for identification of relationship with parents and their children. In modern society there is a revolution taking place on the part of parents, who are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their role in the education of children.

More stringent were the parents of the past, certainly more able to raise their voices but less in gaining respect of their kids. They learned, however, in time to really take care of their children, managing to establish with them a relationship of dialogue and discussion and real mutual understanding.

Understanding the parents of today is not difficult as earlier these parents were relegated to a marginal role so far that most of the time was reduced to a few walks in the park and some spanking if whims of the kids were particularly insistent, but today are perfect aware of the meaning of the word parents and as mothers claim the right to exercise it to the best of their ability.

While in the past the parents had a concept of parenthood purely institutional, the head of the family who would bring home the salary, as of authorities and holder of values, the one who sent the rules by teaching their children to live and adapt to society and to its demands but today parents takes ownership of their functions through an emotional richness, which leads them to conquer a emotional feeling rediscovering the process of being parents.

Parents today are building a new identity, though still a bit confused. In short, the modern parents protect their children, cuddle them, dedicate their time and tell the stories, but also to do things from mom, turning off the TV to play together.

It is not necessary to completely give themselves when they become parents. Parents need more than the others to take care of themselves to carve out a little time to devote to kids and to be with them like their friends, or do the activities they enjoy. This allows them to be great parents when they are with their children, no regrets, no tightness who also take care of their health through healthy eating, doing exercises together. For parents having some harmful addictions stopping the harmful habits is not only important for themselves but is also a sign of accountability for children.

One of the main roles of the parents is to be a protector. There are many ways to protect the child by teaching them how to protect themselves from harm and continue to lead by example, as fastening the seat belt in the car, and not to mention to indulge in the phone while they are driving. The children observe and learn as also prevents them to learn a misconduct that could endanger everyone’s life.

Children only want some more time from parents. When parents return home after a day at work or on the weekend they want to relax but it is good not to waste the opportunity to spend the free time with children as they grow quickly, very quickly and then will have the desire to be with parents all the time to go outside to play sports, or to discover the world rather than with the TV.

Children need physical contact and not only from their mothers and with little pampering they are never satiated so it’s good to hug them when parents see them sad, anxious and thoughtful, but also make them feel the bonds so parents has to respect their child and even when parents disagree with each other for decisions taken in respect of the children it should not be discussed it in front of them.

Dads today cooperate as much as possible with the mother doing even those things that are traditionally women, to change diapers, to feed the children, bathe the children. Doing all this for the child, gives a new concept couple where one helps with no predetermined roles, but according to the needs and availability of time or aptitude.

Reading stories and fantasies stimulate kids imagination, or even better by inventing stories for parents can teach their children many things they will never forget, and especially when parents read with him were they also devote the time, as also sitting or lying closer shows parents are completely devoted to them.

There is nothing that a parent can do better for their child than teach self-esteem especially by showing that they appreciate, listen to them, talk to them, encouraging them, speaking also of their mistakes but without making them feel as if they are being judged with no comparisons with others but to praise and encourage and reward for the effort and not only for the result, by not scolding and discouraging them.

Today’s parents  teach their young children the respect and the value of money and it is advisable to not always answer yes to every request, but arrange in time the possibility to reach the prize as its important to teach how to save to achieve a goal and this allows the child to take responsibility.

Here, then, that sets the figure of a parent who aspires to have an active role in educating their children and to drop that communicative rigidity that immobilized the relationship the parent and child relationship, but currently parents are more aware of the ability to interact with the children, having the courage to live and to manifest those aspects related to the inner sphere, emotional and sentimental, which were considered the preserve of adults.

Parents of a new generation, those who wish to combine family and working life, no longer, therefore, is a problem. It happened what we might call the passage from have to be parents who push the child towards autonomy, independence and respect for rules, rather than being pampered till death do us part.