Book Review: Second Heart: Sandeep Huilgol, Santosh Avvannavar

Second Heart: First Heart Beats for Love, Second Heart Beats for Life by Dr. Sandeep Huilgol, Santosh Avvannavar encompasses five different heart stirring stories with easy unfolding to transport an understanding on the mistaken beliefs as regards kidney issues among general public in part based on true stories on individual experiences.

The world today is literally full of miracles, which are hidden in the folds of everyday life and launch a tangible and wonderful bridge between us and the divine. In recent years it seems to have established a new attention to the sacred and the testimonies of small miracles of ordinary people have increased exponentially.

There have always been, and now only our consciousness is awakening force enough to notice it or maybe the divine is manifesting now more than ever to reconnect and the important thing is being able to recognize and treasure the comforting message wherever we are on this Earth, we are never alone.

This book reads well and easily, and is told of the true stories of everyday life where the help of the angels was crucial to resolve in a positive and less traumatic possible manner the various mishaps that a person has to face in his lifetime. For those who believe in the existence of these helpers sent from heaven, this book is definitely helpful, if only to re-read a few pages when you need comfort or to make it even more a special bond with these winged creatures.

This book collects some of the most significant stories of healing of that relate to people who, in one way or another, will touch your heart who narrate their change, radically, their existence, and are testimonies of healing that feature people with kidney issues, which eventually were resolved or at least improved. The stories are true, even if they seem fables; essential and beautiful precisely because people are authentic, with their problems and their dramas, with their joys and their hopes.

Highly recommended to all and a great book that in addition to telling the stories of people healed inside and out, tells in great path of healing and how these people came to heal, complete with a summary sheet for each story, with symptoms and the resolutions of the problem and especially with useful information and real evidence and daily healing. Recommended for everyone, both those who have to heal, a healer or who simply are curious to understand how these actually integrate into the reality of every day.

Its really encouraging to know that there is an alternative system of healing that addresses illness as an energy imbalance that creates a tension at the level of consciousness, resulting in an outward symptom, the expression of an inner discomfort that has its roots in a emotional pathology', in a localized energy block that prevents the natural flow of thoughts and feelings.

Who cares if this revolutionary treatment approach is not accepted or even frowned upon and despised by mainstream medicine and academics, always perched on the search for unequivocal scientific evidence and experimental, denying indefinite different paths of individual healing.

They are stories told very well, full of emotional participation and experiential suggestions that take the reader into a world of mysterious and unknown, that of the pain of the soul, the inner pain that builds up over time and that then leads to symptoms and physical manifestations that have no benefit in the traditional healing methods and who seem destined to last forever, screwing the sufferer in a spiral-sac of suffering and loneliness.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: CreateSpace ♥ Pages: 80 ♥ Published: May 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1500673659