Book Review: Philia and Sophia: Nikitha Hingad

Philia and Sophia by Nikitha Hingad is a nice, romantic exciting compilation of poems and writings on love and wisdom in the midst of omnipresent themes like proposal, perfidy and reminiscences of love that mean to tap the feelings, spirit and swirl subterranean feelings that are not restricted by time or space, or precincts. This book contains, as in a casket, poems and pearls of wisdom and when the reader opens it, the spirit flies toward distant horizons, full of light that warms the heart that mix mysticism about love and divine ground as pure as crystal narrated by an author who believe firmly in love pure and sublime.

This book expresses in words, to go and to find and be able to bring out the good feelings present in all of us with a series of good poems with simple language that reflect on the fundamental values of love and bring out the good in us.

This book is a collection of poems, deep thoughts of the author who appears in the guise of a true prophet of love and in particular so love that is spiritual and not so much of the physical. The author in fact wants to make observations on life and our daily lives through love in the spirit and faith.

The style is symbolic and solemn, and is pleasantly impressive the intensity with which it was dealt with the theme of love, gentle and passionate at the same time, which might give the illusion of a noble love, to seal the union with words of incomparable emotion.

In this beautiful book you can hear the echo and to realize if the emotions felt at the time still had the magic of the past in the light of experiences over the years with the central theme of the poems narrated is the highest form of love, the purity of the soul, of the existential spasm that longs to infinity and the story of souls meeting and in the space of a moment they feel they have found after a long chase in search of spirituality.

True love is the spiritual son of an agreement and if it will blossom in a moment you wake up in a year or in a generation as love pursues the possession of the beloved, while the infinite love does not want to but itself the love that is born in the lap of the infinite and is the world along with the secrets of the night and not content unless eternity.

The book has a beauty inherent in the nobility of our spirit that evoke strong emotions almost like a poetic thought when it begins to take shape within the imagination of the writer, with a deep spiritual affinity, understanding what the author considers to be the true love in an aura of happiness that reach the inner freedom, a freedom that gives some peace of mind which makes for a cruel fate.

The heart does not change with time, does not change with the seasons and it remains calm, quiet, unflappable, in the spring that is always spring, autumn that is always autumn, until the end of time.

The book is a delicate reading where each of us experience love, which suddenly appears in the spring of our lives to give to our introversion a poetic meaning, and change the squalor of our days in comfort, and populate the silence of our nights and melodies.

The aphorisms should be read at the beginning or end of the day that will open the door of thoughts with the right keys as these poems are valuable thresholds to concrete resolutions or simply emotional releases, to be opened when the sun illuminates your room, or if necessary, in the dark days, to make you love, know or forgive.

The book is like a jolt that awakens the deafness of a hurry or like a hug that makes you feel better and read it depending on your state because each page will warm up your heart and will find the wisdom and depth, hope and magic, and truth that sometimes we forget.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Partridge India ♥ Pages: 180 ♥ Published: March 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1482846065