Sunday, July 5, 2015

Book Review: Panther: Chhimi Tenduf-La

Panther by Chhimi Tenduf-La tells of a universal experience, youth and the transition to adulthood, from which, however, everyone expects a special feeling and personal a bit of themselves, although the book is not only this, but a lot more.

Being accepted into an elite international school on a cricket scholarship doesn't mean your existence is going to revolutionize but it does, as the paperback takes you in its arm in the midst of characters who drags you to genteel restaurants and shows you pictures from lustrous magazines of women, who don't fret the small bits and pieces for there are cricket matches to win, examinations to pass, a terrible past to forget, a creepy schoolmaster to evade and, of course, a first kiss to at last experience.

Thus begins the journey of the protagonists, immediately struggling with the many problems that occur, which will culminate with the passing of the fateful and the final ritual passage to maturity with the fear of not making it, not feeling up to the task that life has in for the protagonists when the time of youth come to an end, and the fear of failure and doom lurk.

But it is precisely when the mind is in the storm that man should not lose the right path but on the contrary must raise the sails of the courage and tenacity to cross the line and enter into the new life that awaits him, that of maturity. Another key issue is the camaraderie. In front of the precarious condition of life, they will ripen the values of loyalty and selflessness that allow man to win the battles in life.

The inner growth of the protagonists demonstrate a great strength of character and maturity, pushing the young chaps to complete their assignments in a rigorous manner that symbolizes the passage from youth to adulthood, more aware and unaware of the already pre-shadow line with the novel ends with the protagonists reminding us that a man must be able to face any difficulty, bad luck and their mistakes, never losing heart, because it is with this that you struggle in life.

The book is a novel of formation of passage from adolescence to adulthood with the characters believes adulthood false and pretentious and consequently the author cloaked their psychological inability to grow with a moral presumption that acts as a protective barrier the void of value that is around them can also be seen as a mirror of their tormented inner condition with the detachment, often mixed with contempt and cynicism, and has its counterpart in the exaltation of innocence. In fact the narrative tells about thoughts that are initially simple and pure, typical of those of a child, and gradually become more complex, confused and full of contradictions.

The players itself does not realize this development, but become aware of what happen, just as happens to a child who becomes an adult with the reader grows, in a sense, along with the characters as the author is able to tell so shiny and clear a subject as sensitive as the transition to adulthood.

The author succeeds brilliantly, putting on paper the thoughts most embarrassing , more turbid, more hybrids, in a way, that in one way or another, all human beings have faces, and certainly the style is fresh, simple, delicate and in a sense, bubbly, interspersed with surge of tenderness and harshness that alternate in the thoughts of a evolving society.

The structure is typical of the novel, with many narrative sequences and as much room for the thoughts of the protagonists on their everyday experiences with the narrator is external, but the view is internal, and the language is quite simple, realistic, without rhetorical devices.

A novel at the same time seemingly carefree and fresh, substantially reflective and profound where you have to close your eyes and see it is really an extraordinary book, which is revealed in the final part really for what it is.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Harper Collins India ♥ Pages: 249 ♥ Published: July 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9351772200