Book Review: Love on the Rocks: Ismita Tandon Dhankher

Love on the Rocks Ismita Tandon Dhankher

Love on the Rocks by Ismita Tandon Dhankher is an amorous crime novel and as its swathe intrepidly assert, a murder mystery at spirit. But just a few pages are sufficient to enlighten you that this is further than that, it's a swot of human behaviour. The tome doesn’t abide any affectation of a privileged intense life denotation, other than what the characters practice.

Crime fiction is one of the genres which provide you the thrills, with Love on the Rocks penned by debutant Ismita Tandon Dhankher, explore the life on a merchant navy ship entwining romance, murder and mystery in the high seas. As the excitement unfurls, twenty odd men, one woman and a detective connect aboard and things are bound to get electrifying!

The tale is a dramatic sketch of the life onboard Sea Hyena, a vessel owned by a Japanese shipping corporation, sailing on the wild sea for six months from Japan crossing to Miami and back, and the outcome that the cruise would have on a crew of contrasting folks who make up the bunch, shrouded by seclusion, antagonism, murder and unsettling exposures.

Life promises to be a lot of bliss with less than a year after their nuptials, Sancha Andrews the newly hitched wife of merchant navy chief officer Aaron Andrews, the number two in command on the ship, joining aboard to cruise along and enjoy the pleasure in being together. This bubbly elegant and quick-to-act lady is the only woman on the vessel, who makes friends with most and chafes a few the wrong ways with her sleuthing penchants and burly viewpoints. She takes pleasure in her time of loneliness from the world.

What Sancha doesn’t discern is that just a month before, the head cook Gary’s corpse was found freezed in the meat locker in the reefer container of the ship, a fact kept away from her by Aaron. The basis of his fatality was hushed up to be a mishap, while life moved on. However, less than twenty four hours on the seas, she realizes that all is not well aboard the ship where bereavement does have an outcome on each living mortal and it is shoddier when you are isolated in the waters of the deep-sea distant from society.

Things go out of kilter after funds goes missing from the captain's safe following a puzzling larceny on the craft, with now the repute of the shipping concern at risk. Faced with a succession of disconcerting incidents, things start puzzling the constantly nosy Sancha, as she apply common sense to the string of proceedings and then this curious Malayali spouse sets about unscrambling the numerous obscurities.

She quickly grasps that nothing is as it appears and once she hit upon what’s going on, she tries taking the help of Aaron’s best friend First Engineer Harsh Castillo, a bloke with a stylish orifice and an interesting past but Sancha’s self-instituted exploration guides her to more questions than answers.

All the while, close by there is a psychopath skulking amongst them, and as the detective Raghav Shridhar embark on board, they toil in concert on the felony to shape out who it is before it’s too late and narrow down the list of suspects. Enquiry about the burglary takes place edifying not so very snug coverts. Amongst many of the ship’s inhabitants, it may perhaps be the abhorrent captain Popeye, the boisterous Harsh, the continually ravenous sailor Baldy and not to exclude, her own husband being one of them.

Everybody was at a standstill engrossed by it and a probable connection linking the casualty in freezer and the stealing was still being measured, when the most significant onlooker in the case Baldy falls overboard and is half consumed by sharks leading to anxiety amongst the crew, when it shortly turns out to be clear that it was, in fact, a murder.

After faltering upon several facts, signs aim at those that Sancha wouldn’t envision being perpetrators and is left trapped after analogously discerning her husband's earlier periods, when she finds herself at the junction of adore, candour, fairness and veracity while realising these are not mishaps but slayings in its ugliest sagacity. Whereas her spirit still cares for her spouse, her brains shriek otherwise.

As you arrive at the final pages, you will have your own supposition and decree, but the novelist then takes out her trump card and helix an exciting pleasant petite twist in the conclusion, while edifying the personality of Manna, the mystifying periodical writer with a sadistic history and the only accent that conspicuously stand out all through the volume, who will put down a smudge on you.

Following the initial few parts you will start having your qualms, but the writer effectively directs to maintain the facet of trepidation till the very conclusion of the yarn, even as it keeps you conjecturing all along. The spine of inkling keeps aiming at diverse characters and every instant you sense you’re nearer to pinning the offender, there’s a fresh development.

There are numerous obscurities entwined in this tale but the writer adroitly extort apiece and thrive in relating them to each other to shape a striking portrait at the finish. The description is jam-packed with twists and twirl in an innovative attractive background, while the author impels us close to providing a fresh outlook of the verve on board a vessel.

This nippy and fast-paced page turner is poignant, but devoid of too much excitement. Right from the introduction, things descend promptly into exploits. Even though most of the exploits ensue at sea and on board the craft, the reader is persistently drawn to the scheme through visualizations, electrifying events and trimly dealt characters.

The lingo is easy and the script is thought through with fluid expressions along with a dash of bracing wit, which plants a sneer on your visage but keeps the intrigue in one piece while screening the diverse viewpoints of the gaudily imprinted characters. The splendour of this volume lies in its fitting passionate discourses and the sensations implicated in it.

The writer does complete fairness to the mystery and thriller background that was made up to be the core of the tale. The volume is non-ostentatious, and manages to be realistic and proper to the characters at all points in time. This glowing thriller has been made a great deal superior by the intensity and hitches of the characters in it.

Love on the rocks by Ismita Tandon Dhankher arrives like a gulp of fresh air where she concocts a bright account while interlacing an intriguing tale of adore and obscurity that will keep you affianced, roused and top of all keep you thinking on every leaf.

The account gets you athwart diverse populace, the customs on the ship, their thinking progressions, their ennui, dwelling away from land and their dear ones for protracted epochs of time, voyage of the melancholic sailors existence on the craft, challenges and their traditions of engaging themselves.

The true potency of this tale is the manner the narrative is delightfully woven through the individual narratives of the characters while not losing the tempo of the tome at any instant. The novelist endows with tone nearly to all her characters with the surge of the volume moving from the point of outlook of one character to the other.

On one occasion you are Sancha scuffling with her sentiments for her companion and deciphering the case, and then you develop into Aaron or the mystifying Manna. At times you are the invective emitting captain Popeye offering profanities at all; occasionally a docile Baldy and now and again you turn into Harsh, catching fancy for Sancha.

The characters are chock-a-block with life and greatly realistic with all characters developing shades of hoariness at some point or the other. The characters have a fine part and an appalling part and the existence of the two makes them plausible and exciting to comprehend.

This finely developed contrive dwell unswervingly and is charming in the attempt to solve the mystery, while connecting a newly wed, a lady amidst several men on board a vessel in the centre of nowhere and amidst a pair of slayings, a miniature but noteworthy burglary, it dishes up a thriller on the salver and fabricate in the trepidation right from the kick-off. The volume is an astonishing mishmash of beliefs and petrifying apprehensions that ordeals the union of adore and nuptials aligned with a milieu of ruse and psychosomatic undercurrents.

Title: Love On The Rocks | Author: Ismita Tandon Dhankher | ISBN: 9780143414681 |Binding: Paperback | Published: 2011 | Publisher: Penguin | Pages: 224 | Language: English