Saturday, July 11, 2015

Book Review: Find Your Rhythm: Megha Mehta

Find Your Rhythm by Megha Mehta is your pocket guide to making friends with your body, your unsurpassed assistant and steer on the course towards ideal wellness through healthy consumption, exercise and lifestyle changes as you’ll gain knowledge of how to use your body to drive out devastation, steer away uncertainties and make your hale and hearty way of life uncomplicated and greatly enjoyable.

The total well-being is the result of the perfect harmony of body and mind, which interact with each other, taking up a concept in physics in which matter and energy are interchangeable reality and in this book is explained in detail a program of exceptional psychophysical balance, adapted to everyone's needs from the calibrated diet to meditation techniques and stress exercises to offset internal imbalances.

Meditating does not mean forcing the mind to silence but it is to find the peace that already exists within us to not only break free from the disease, but also to prevent them, for which is therefore essential to be aware of one's being. In this spirit, the book has more meditation techniques, such as that based on breath awareness, to boost energy and strengthen the immune system.

The author speaks in this book as being in perfect harmony with our body and our mind that is free from diseases, bad habits, negative thoughts and imperfections, as the perfect balance make it possible to total wellness and explains in a very simple, detailed and exhaustive characteristics and the imbalances they cause with the central part of the book looks instead of how the mind directs the body to disease or health and proposes the appropriate programs for quantum healing and then it focuses on the physical exercises of breathing by practicing with a lot of illustrative figures and a special diet choice based on body type, all for a total well-being.

An indispensable book, an instrument of intellectual disclosure for a total well-being, it is not just a book that is easy and provide challenging reading but also a very useful tool for anyone who cares about their physical health.

Using good nutrition, exercise, a personal coach and new medical disciplines oriented to welfare, it can prevent disease and thus to reduce or completely cut health costs, avoiding people to become consumers in the long-term medication treating only the symptoms and not the cause of disease.

The book provide a step by step guide to the reader through an original graduated procedure, self-diagnosis and self-evaluation, self-help for personal growth in order to maintain their mental and physical wellbeing, comprehensively, and reduce the likelihood of psychosomatic disorders and psychopathology.

After highlighting those risk factors, in large part, the book refer to the relationship between the person and the stressors, as the handbook offers practical solutions to well-being through gradual changes of the factors involved in the personal lifestyle and in particular attention is paid to nutrition, and physical activity because of their importance in a variety of life-lived and happier.

The book highlights the factors of natural and health-conscious actions that, if used and analyzed according to specific requirements, contribute to the enhancement of the quality of our daily lives.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: CreateSpace ♥ Pages: 104 ♥ Published: October 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1502551122