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Book Review: The Devotion of Suspect X

The Devotion of Suspect X

The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino is a suspense thriller and a unique refinement. Yasuko Hanaoka is a divorced mother who runs a restaurant. Her neighbor is Tetsuya Ishigami, a brilliant and lonely math teacher. In an exciting game of chess where every move is a detailed examination of the psychology of the opponent. In their small apartment in a decentralized district of Tokyo, Yasuko and Misato, mother and daughter, live trying to leave behind the memory of Togashi, ex-husband and step-father, a violent man and an alcoholic.

After her divorce from a violent man, Yasuko grows by itself daughter Misato and tries to rebuild her life independently, taking away the mistakes of the past. But when Togashi reappears at the door with yet another request for money and the usual threats, Yasuko loses control and, with the help of his daughter, kills him. When her ex-husband shows up at his door to give him money, threatening both her and her daughter, Yasuko loses control and kills him by strangling him with a cord.

But there is someone next door who has heard it all it is Ishigami, a neighbor, a lonely middle-aged professor of mathematics, has long secretly in love with Yasuko. Ishigami is determined to help the two women, will he get rid of the body and build an unassailable alibi, setting up a scenario in which everything is done according to the strict rules of a theorem. An act of total devotion to science and Yasuko unfortunate.

One morning, the body of the former husband of Yasuko is found dead in the apartment of the woman after a failed extortion attempt against this. The face is unrecognizable and the fingers were burned. Only a mind as deductive and rational can identify the weakest link in the chain Dr. Yukawa, assistant of Physics at Imperial, old classmate of Ishigami, and a former collaborator of the police.

The neighbor, Mr. Ishigami, a meticulous professor of mathematics in middle age, has heard it all, and instead of reporting the incident, he offers to help Yasuko, as long as she and her daughter to follow his orders to the letter. The unsuspecting mathematician has a plan worthy of his profession in which nothing is left to chance: takes care of the body and builds for the two women a flawless alibi. But the investigator Kusanagi, which is entrusted with the case, immediately understands that he needs help and turns infallibile Dr. Yukawa, aka Galileo, a physicist who collaborated with the police. The scientist realizes that the crime hides something very unusual and that someone is trying ingeniously to sidetrack the investigation.

The case was assigned to two of the local district detective who discover by chance that Tetsuya Ishigami was in high school colleague of the famous physicist Manabu Yukawa, aka Detective Galileo. Yukawa immediately senses the dark link between the murder and the brilliant mind of his friend and former classmate of Ishigami. Among elaborate bluff, false witness and intricate plots the puzzle becomes more and more dense. What ensues is a challenge with a high level of wit and sophistication.

Apparently in Japan instead is a sort of literary icon, so much so that his books were often played in successful films or TV series. The book in question, The Devotion of Suspect X, is his biggest success, so much so that when it came out in Japan in 2005 became the second best selling book in Japanese land becoming what the media called it a literary obsession, and more importantly, he won the prestigious Naoki Prize Sanjugo a sort of Best Author of the Year.

Let's go back to the novel from a small clarification. Like all Japanese authors, even Higashino, lacks a small detail, the description of the roads to us is always very tricky. About twenty meters to the south began via Shin-Ohashi from that intersection and the road leading to the east in the district of Edogawa and west to Nihonbashi, crossing the river at the bridge Surmida Shin-Ohashi. After this short introduction the novel does not hide it the victim nor the murderer nor the motive, for instance the missing factor whodunit classic yellow, but I assure you will keep you glued to the pages in a whirlwind investigative absurd.

During the first 50 pages you will discover the dead , the motive and the murderess. Yasuko, a divorced mother who keeps her daughter Misato and grows, it starts to have problems with her ​​abusive husband from whom she separated. The man's obsession begins to be more and more violent, until Yasuko, tired of the situation, during a confrontation with the former, strangles him and kills him. A neighbor, Ishigami understands everything but instead report the incident offers to help Yasuko and Misato to conceal the corpse.

This is the plot of the first pages of the book. The result is a succession of fantastic tracks and false leads between the mathematician Ishigami and Yukawa forensic pathologist who helps in the investigation the inspector Kusanagi. Madness of the plot will carry you through the streets of the districts the Japanese, but the Suspected X is not just a thriller.

Among the dead and investigations there is also an underlying love story for those who like this type of facet, which remains very veiled and does not obscure the raw of the novel. Its really a good novel in pure Japanese style, ie the style in which poetry that comes out of the description of the place is truly magical, where the slow narrative style that is not a negative factor but is intrinsic to the mesh of writing.

If a reading from the exotic flavor teases you, and like me you are curious about how a physicist might be the protagonist of a series of detective stories, you just have to try this unusual Suspect X.

The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino is a fairly quiet novel on a deserted island, where a maniacal exterminator do away with all and sundry in roll, with the book being a part of a series devoted to Detective Galileo, nickname of Dr. Manabu Yukawa, a luminous physicist who sometimes helps his friend, Inspector Kusanagi in particularly vex some cases.

This is actually a familial affair and rather sordid. Yasuko Hanaoka is a detached mother working in a box lunch shop, who left her old life as a hostess behind and is trying to live a hushed way of life while raising her teenage daughter, Misato. Yasuko Hanaoka is persecuted by her ex-husband, Togashi, who wants her money all the time and exterminate her life and becomes violent while trying to kill her and her child, Misato. Yasuko and Misato, scared, have no other choice but to strangle the evil.

This is where Ishigami, a professor of mathematics, comes in. He is a genius, with mathematics being his greatest passion. He wanted to do research, but circumstances forced him to opt for the teaching profession. He loves Yasuko, and decides to calculate a perfect alibi. This is, after all, self-defence.

The police find the body and identify it as Togashi, but they go and find Yasuko and Misato have unassailable alibis. With out of this world misdirection and clear-cut circumlocution directed behind the scenes by Ishigami, the pair is continuing their daily lives as if above suspicion, and police officers try unsuccessfully to tear down the perfect alibi, and then come into the panorama Detective Galileo.

The radiant physicist is a former associate of Ishigami, and the two know each other well. Their conversations are highly ambiguous, and every word they exchange can be understood in different ways. What follows after Yukawa gets involved is a true battle of wits between the two former classmates which brings the narrative to life.

The book tells a good story with the plot unfolding swiftly and startlingly, with the author, displaying great ingenuity, in the intellectual duel between Ishigami and Yukawa, the most intriguing aspect of the book. It's a chess game between two masters and everyone wants to know the winner. Yasuko is a remarkably bland character but Ishigami and his friend Yukawa are interesting.

The author finally explains how the alibis were created, with splendid elucidation where all the indices are provided to the reader. The identity of the murderer is known from the second chapter with the police approaching the truth. The more the reader is concerned for the guilty, the more they understand and with an outcome, everyone will eventually sympathize. This is an extremely intelligent book, which takes the mystery invert give a lot of character through the characters with a good paraphrase and an out of the ordinary chronicle.

Mystery novels may be antiquated and typecast but it has a lot of mind's eye, full of conundrum and generally psychosomatic and so these books are extremely popular and successful, which are pragmatic, neo-orthodox and full of ingenuity and imagination, that are seen as imperative virtues of a detective work of fiction.

ISBN: 9780349138732 • Binding: Paperback • Published: 2012 • Publisher: Hachette • Pages: 374 • Language: English