Book Review: Business As Usual: Deepak Chawla

Business As Usual by Deepak Chawla laid down in the urban setting of the contemporary corporate globe brings together stories about folks, whose convictions are greater than their situations, who are often at moment of truth's making choices among principles, philosophy, obligations, and convictions other than who, like most of us, at the end of the day deal with existence with ultimate persistence, potency and pluck.

The book, therefore, is not limited to a description of the crisis of the modern corporate world, but even runs out in a centre without controversy, as with a comparative study embracing the corporate world, indicating how the different domains of existence can claim normal characters in the higher sense in addition to those streets that had already been shown to lead the individuals beyond the human condition rather than reduce them gradually to be faceless, in an ever more dependent collective world dominated by matter and by economy, pursuing only forms of obtuse well-being by humans.

The reader will feel transformed and will look into the corporate world with another look overhanging our dark age and recapture a world by men not broken who are points of a magical force, as the book explores and dissects every aspect, adding new considerations and the result is a sort of divine comedy upside down.

A text whose pages go meditate one by one, a text from the devastating, but above all not to accept passively and in a resigned manner in some parts you cannot but be in agreement with the author that surely will share a change in the status quo, if there ever will be, must necessarily start from the inside by each individual and not from the outside.

We have had enough. Working to consume does not make you happy. We all know, but how to get out? Changing lives alone seems a too tiring. Even impossible. But no. The downshifting is a social phenomenon that affects people also because of the crisis. The author offers here a net change of life, towards themselves, the world around us, the habits, and the obligations entering into the merits of the economic, psychological, existential logistics. Saying no is not enough to be happy. Economic insecurity which we encounter is also an opportunity to reconsider.

The turning point occurs, when some members of the army of slaves opens their eyes and says: You see that it is wrong, that the hours in traffic are alienating, that slavery work is unbearable blackmail, and shows that feelings and relationships are crushed in a far corner, but that will require new work, new compromises to be still possible who shoot you if you leave the group, and that we did not notice something striking the rules that enslave us see us from our slavery, but we accept, and nobody has them imposed by force.

Finding the energy to change the rules means first, to understand well that a productive mechanism to feed devours the lives of intelligent and educated and is a critique of the world of work and addiction to it from the point of view of an individuals who decided to detox one of the highlights of the text is a kind of questionnaire to points where it lists the heavy restriction of freedoms individual to which we are all subject, with little awareness and a good dose of resignation to the existing.

The central problem is that neither politics nor the school educate the dream of freedom and, on the contrary, every dream is considered unfeasible. Yet, work produces malaise and inability to use with pleasure and satisfaction of their time. And then you need to put in place some strategies for change that could be attributed, in general, the concept referred to several times in downshifting is slow, changing gear, to reach a voluntary and conscious reduction to regain the sense of a lost life.

Hard work, certainly, requires more vigilance on the choices and the behaviour, but also on the real needs and on those induced. The book deserves mention for the human experience, social analysis and all the other strange things of today where we are all spin doctors and you can talk about whether it is fashionable.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Crossword ♥ Pages: 305 ♥ Published: 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9383952229