Book Review: Ready..Steady..Exit: P C Balasubramanian

Ready..Steady..Exit by P.C. Balasubramanian is a rousing story of a passion, friendship and entrepreneurship that follows all the steps of life, from big choices in life, chaining the stories of two characters that are destined to meet in a plot of endless joys and disappointments, rescue and aid.

The book tells of the birth of the project, the spark of the first idea, the desire to get involved, the organization of the company, but do not be confused the story is not a business case study, but the telling of a challenge faced by two friends who are not afraid, but believe that it is this nation in a really strange period may be the place to start to create something new.

Gautam completed Chartered Accountancy after a number of attempts and to his fate, landed up with Anand a close buddy and brilliant CA, to start on an Accounting Services company named FAB. That's when Vimal comes in with a palatable package, an exciting consulting report and his chic and extremely attractive sister Ruchi, who agrees to shore up these optimistic entrepreneurs with her market insights.

FAB grows but relationship depletes as a few pull the strings, while others turn into puppets in an adventure novel that celebrates the advent and rise of the modern middle class, celebrating the values and ideals of entrepreneurship, dynamism, confidence in their own means to gain wealth and social recognition.

This novel is really well written with the writing style will strike you immediately and positively, so clean, no frills, no smudging, perfect, dry and elegant in its simplicity in what comes from deep bond that already feels with each of the protagonists.

The characters are very well defined who slowly but deeply participate in the relations of friendship between them will then prevail with the deep and haunting pen of the author generates two amazing characters, corroding a pain of living tangible and palpable with two young men shouting their desire to live in a world that does not seem to lend their ears, who crave an integration with the society around them, but first of all with themselves.

The author is a wonderful investigator of the human soul, gutting the latter in its fold, in every dark corner; the psychological portrait of the protagonists with the moments able to give the fullest expression of his narrative skills who knows how to tell stories, which tells the feelings through words with a strong and complex story that spans thorny issues such as the value of friendship, the importance of family, the need to put or find roots; as well as provide us with a valuable insight into the twenty first century, socio-cultural, economic and political scenario.

The book is delicate in the layout, with beautiful illustrations by the author and in the way of narrating the events with the story is very clear, and the reading is smooth and exciting, so that makes us forget that we are reading a kind of diary, transporting us into the world of fairy tales, but those with a happy ending that leaves us a lesson that no dream is impossible if you really believe.

The book is something more than a novel as the book is unusual, synaesthetic as its readers discover a journey through the flavours of modern world topped with a literary adventurous and romantic cut into a perception of the world that reveals unexpected truths.

The narrative carries the reader on a whirlwind of sensations, anchoring it to the lives of its protagonists until the epilogue; impossible to be free from pain and melancholy that pervades the pages, where you cannot avoid thinking about human nature, about dreams and hopes, the ability to adapt to the cards that fate assigns you in a novel photographing human conditions be released from time, to be always present.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Srishti ♥ Pages: 184 ♥ Published: May 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9382665403