Book Review: Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero

Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero by Santosh Avvannavar, Jacob Monsy and Ruchita Kumar Shah is an intense and poetic book where marriage is the protagonist of the book that travels the length and breadth of 14 different heart touching episodes with the present lives of the characters are just the starting point to get to what really interests the authors, and the past of the people.

What is visible in the novel is the conscience of the various protagonists of the story, of what appears secret, but basically, it is not. Then what is revealed is the contradictions and shows that a couple should be happy, as there are all the conditions for it is, but there is something that prevents them to rejoice, something that slowly comes to light during the obstacles.

The couples understand that love is not a whim, but the infinite need of loving their other half, creating but also their own destiny, explaining the recurring folds on nostalgia, alternating between the stimulus of love, in which the minds take the inconsistency of human nature which goes over and beyond the concept of social drama pointing to the vanity of the submissiveness to the will of fate.

The book highlights the fate of the people who live day after day, often making the same mistakes, dilating then the scenes where we find couples with their wishes and their innocent bad habits, of course, we are all, at the age of reason observing the twenty-first century libertinism, recognizing in themselves this force, conscious also of the strength of their minds bitten by pain and torment of loneliness, pursuing the path of forgiveness and mercy.

This book shows the courage and the uncertainties inherent in married men and women and shows their desire for redemption, to grope all out to save their loved ones from limitless tests with the stories has moments of sweetness interspersed with scenes of daring passion and is a book in which couples pursue their dreams knowing not to have the same rights and opportunities with a challenge that they pose to their fate.

The book is touching, intense and poetic. After the end of the age of innocence, and the twilight of romantic wedding, from that point, starts the path to a successful marriage with the dissolution of traditional values but also the persistence of individuals in a novel extraordinarily intelligent, with sharp descriptions and perfect warp, capable of restoring energy and sense to the contemporary novel.

The book overlook the noise of life and is caught talking only of the truest things and is one of these books, that fully meets both requirements which distracts, entertains, as also is well written, and contains a memorable flashback that, reconnect to the main structure of the narrative approaches of the cinematic technique with true stories, meaning the term is not in an absolute sense, that is the custodian of infallible truth, but in the sense of reality.

The book is surprising for the narrative ability that has the writers light touch, which seems just mentioned, manages to show us in the totality and complexity of the characters in the stories with the story of passions and secrets, in an intense novel that charms and conquers in which all is revealed, with lights and shadows draw the past and the present.

The characters do not crave to seize the reader's attention, as their lives are a mirror in which it is easy to get reflected beyond time, beyond the geographical settings, as well as the names and situations, there is a truth that leads us to identify with the protagonists as the reading capture emotions that make the heart beat faster.

It's a dream, a wish, and a magical hope that is poignant with a chorus of whispering voices in silence, listening wrapping the words to tell funny, dramatic, uplifting stories or simply hub around a central theme of life for all, as always the wedding, is just an excuse for the authors who wants to talk to the actors showing them the way, digging into their intimacy to show us how appearances can deceive.

In the book, you hear wedged in small intervals the clarinet with their sweet melancholic sound that makes it clear, the countess, the inevitability of earthly things that accentuate the note on time limiting the harmonious arpeggio which ascends and descends as the dynamics change, with small variations in time for whom the heart tremble.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Aravind ♥ Pages: 80 ♥ Published: February 2014 ♥ Language: English