Book Review: Bachelor's Marriage: Akshat Pradeep Solanki

Bachelor's Marriage by Akshat Pradeep Solanki is a testimony to three items on the pain of growth, love and loneliness and is a novel that shows to have all the credentials to be a fun theatrical comedy with the tone of the author, exquisitely ironic, full of paradoxical vicissitudes that wind in a context like the India of the early 1900, and is particularly suited to a hilarious but not superficial narrative representation.

The idea seems to writing a book that represents the contemporary equivalent of nineteenth-century novel. And if two centuries ago a story could only end with the marriage, now apparently a happy ending like this is anachronistic. And here the author builds a love triangle with ramifications, to be honest, but with the intention to revisit it, to reinterpret it.

First things first, Sujay is the protagonist of the book, and is a straightforward dutiful chap who belongs to a family for whom status and one's image in the society are of supreme value. If his parents are the last expression of the bourgeoisie used to safeguard appearances above all for his traditional family, concepts like love, lure and girlfriends do not exist and there are just arranged marriages because your family knows best.

However when an odd adversity brings spunky and eccentric Gunjan into Sujay's life, he has no idea how incredibly thorny his existence is going to get as his mother has already promised him to be get married to Jyoti and each time Sujay tries to make a choice, he can't, because he truly is in love with both Gunjan and Jyoti and that is not how existence functions and surely not his family.

Sujay is a character that immediately wins the sympathy and understanding of readers and their total and dispassionate support and is the victim par excellence that softens even the hardest hearts but his identity is not limited only in a dark and painful personification of a man sick of love.

Thanks to the skill of the author, the character of Sujay also assumes pleasant funny and ironic shades that make it look attractive even in his excessive shyness and chronic embarrassments with the narrative rushes, and the story captures attention, catapulting the reader in a series of paradoxical skits where misunderstandings, finds, deceit, and retribution become the main engines that power the entire narrative machine.

The sagacity of the author allows us to be overwhelmed by an atmosphere that conquest, vivified by characters characterized to perfection, as some of the caricatures that despite indisputable victims of pain and loss of love, never fail to be the protagonists of moments with loads of vivacity and happiness.

The central focus is the relationship between man and woman and the intention successfully bring a smile to the reader without ever leaving the reflection with a ghettoized femininity, embodied by women who are perceived as monsters ready to devour any property or possession of men, because they can not make do with their hearts as on the other hand we have Sujay, unable to impose himself and that despite the sublime union advice, seem to be all too confused and even frightened of facing the initiative and firmness women.

The setting of this story and its characters can directly be imagined on a theatre stage, because of the consistency of the scenes and dialogues, always impregnated with a string of jokes that never lose tone, running out in the banality that cause only boredom and loss of interest.

The atmosphere is bold, exhilarating, motivated and motivating, stuck very well in the game of roles and oppression of characters moving from one place to another in search of an improbable season of love, each in their own way with funny situations, mistaken identities, lies, betrayals and a long row of people who are having to solve intricate facts of which they themselves are victims and perpetrators, who with their promises of defense and protection, do nothing but cause admiration but also a lot of apprehension in highly weird and disturbing subjects nicely who come into the union by virtue of an alarming call for help.

There is a clear representation of the society and culture of the time, the literary salons, where people gathered to read the poems, putting in highlight the hypocrisy that characterized this meeting places and exchanges, where there was a fake appreciation calculated, used to conceal a chronic general disinterest, against the backdrop of a total and deliberate lack of attention to the texture and depth of the more serious moments always seasoned with a joke or some prank that advisedly, mitigates the inevitable bitter taste that generate certain situations.

It’s the love to make the players hopping from scene to scene and between a word and a smile, a wink and a defiance, there is nothing to be taken so seriously as comically overturns in front, as arrogant and boastful characters become timid lambs, and shining examples of what can create a vivid comedy of love and equivocation.

Love can make the weak strong and the weak strong, in compliance with the classical tradition of the exchange of roles that creates fun and lightness. The immediate reading, therefore, with some reflection is more intense scattered here and there to the novel, without which heavily air arrogant and falsely intellectual that reigns throughout the story.

The book is a novel, fun and calm, elegant with humour and phrases for effect with the typical comedic accompany us in this delightful reading that allows us to reflect the reversals of life and of a final decidedly ad hoc for each of the characters with the author, leads us between the trails well preparing the plot, giving us moments of genuine fun.

The seriousness and gloom and existential narrative are strictly banned from this novel that demands the most brilliant and lively attention and it is penetrating and playful and ensures positivism and lightness, all topped off with an irresistible tragicomic urge with no time to get bored, but only to read, and get excited by the crazy and intricate adventures that the author offers us, by the grace and mastery of his pen and leaving without doubt, will leave a smile on your face.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart  ♥ Pages: 288 ♥ Published: April 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9352013104