Book Review: Adhuri Prem Kahaniya: Santosh Avvannavar

Adhuri Prem Kahaniya by Santosh Avvannavar is a superb novel, beautiful and breathtaking with absolutely worthy light moments of people in these 25 short stories perfect for those looking for unforgettable love stories, sweet and full of meaning.

Captivating from the very first page, enveloping and sensual, this elegant novel is what lovers of good contemporary classy romance look for and is suitable for all ages, as it is never vulgar that deserves to be read and loved to the end with a guarantee of elegance, emotions, with great love stories ripping more than a tear.

Anyone who believes that this is a trivial romantic read, must know that there is more, much more than just a few love stories in this book and is the story of people who rise from the ashes, who learn to love and to love themselves for who they are in reality, of lovers who understand that it is never too late to grow up and learn to live better.

The book is a portrait of real life, and knows how to make people think as only the truth can do that is deep, dramatic and full of dramas, but also tender and incredibly romantic, with this novel can touch all the right chords with the protagonists turn out to be delicious together in a lovely mix of sarcasm and sweetness, of naivety and arrogance, fear and passion.

This book of love lost is an extraordinary novel, full of poetry, which follows the lives of lovers through India rebuilding atmospheres and giving us one of the most beautiful love story collection written in recent years, that talks about those lives that continue to touch each other, but are bound to get lost in pure and infinite love that exists in what might have been but was not.

It was one of the few books that will leave a strange taste in the mouth and not one of those you love or hate, but is one of those where you do not know where it is going, and why the events are such as it is and in the end you realize that maybe the end will be a no end in a life of iridescent colours surrounded by words of sugar that only hurts the teeth and leaves your throat parched where you will learn to love the characters and adore each other, and will pity their pain, completely indifferent to their fate.

The style of writing is thin and extremely simple, perhaps because the work is designed for a young audience with the plot, and especially the protagonists, are completely different as what we are told, beyond of the setting of the story, is what many has almost experienced and you are confronted with life and with others.

It is a special book, because it is really managed to convey many emotions, one after the other, and will make you feel a sense of defeat as the writer through timely detailed descriptions will make you realize every little thing, as if you knew that world forever with the descriptions help to stimulate the reader's mind.

You will you be able to love every aspect of the book, because it's perfect where each character is well-built and well-structured, as you know them slowly and this will help you remember them, although they are not the stars as there are nuances in the characters, with no attempt to make them more interesting, to create a world around them.

The love stories seems to follow channels already seen and heard, the buxom good, and perfect, sensitive, inexperienced under the shell of hard, falls in love with each other that, as widespread fashion, is ugly, awkward, or at least is defined in this way.

The strength of the novel is certainly the way it is written and indeed, while not exceptionally complex the plot, is written so well that makes the pages incredibly sliding with the love stories that is narrated in the novel is a love simple and free of schmaltz where people are real, and not only have advantages as it was deemed good.

It contains also love stories different from the usual, without forcing and much closer to our reality, where it do not hurt in the midst of many love stories which are a little too romanticized and sometimes discounted and to delve into the book by there is then to ask ourselves in the words of another master of brevity what do we mean when we speak of love.

This book allows us to understand how the writer show all 25 stories with every type of relationship and every feeling in them declined, is nothing but temporary and distracted surrender to chance where it means not accepting the evidence of a destiny that keeps us in his hands as passive actors with an interesting work, mild but with sudden crescendo of intensity, enriched by a crystal clear writing, always in balance with respect to the events narrated.

Format: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Power Publisher ♥ Pages: 98 ♥ Published: May 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9383271399