Mother! Review: Disturbing hell of Jennifer Lawrence

The thriller Mother!, the work of director Darren Aronofsky is worthwhile. For a long time, there was no film that caused such feelings of discomfort. The films of director Darren Aronofsky often produce an uncomfortable feeling. Whether Requiem for a Dream tells the story of the downturned junkies. Or Natalie Portman gets tortured as a ballet dancer in the psychodrama Black Swan.

Indeed Mother! with Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem and Michelle Pfeiffer became an emotional hell.

The focus is on a young woman (Lawrence), who lives with her husband (Bardem), an older man, in an old house. Then, one night, a stranger (Ed Harris) bursts into this idyll, looking for a place to sleep. And the next morning his wife (Pfeiffer) also stand at the door. The author does not want to listen to his young wife. He feels flattered when he finds out that they are his fans. He invites them to stay as long as they want to the horror of his wife.

At first, it is unclear what director Aronofsky wants to tell exactly. Instead, he creates a mood of fear and insecurity, full of tension and alleged threat. The young woman feels very uncomfortable and strange in her own house. She has cramps and strange visions, while the strangers penetrate into her life as a matter of course.
It is an oppressive tour de force also for the spectators.

They witness the happenings from the woman's perspective and suffer with her. You want to jump out of the cinemas or throw the intruders out of the house. That 48-year-old Aronofsky succeeds in doing that makes Mother! At the same time, the film is also so charming. Last year, there was no film that caused such feelings of discomfort.

Director Aronofsky does not leave it with hints. He leaves his story escalating until he finally provides clear approaches for interpretations. The house thus becomes the symbol for the relationship between a woman and a man. While the man ignores the cries of the woman, she tries not to sink into chaos. She repairs anything that gets destroyed in the house.

As exciting as these allegories are in part, Aronofsky is so overpowering his film with the end. There are metaphors for relationships of prominent couples in the public. They are as much in them as in the creation of the world, nature and its destruction. Even biblical parallels to paradise do not leave Aronofsky out. And as if that were not enough, he concludes Mother! with a rather placative picture.

The role of Jennifer Lawrence cannot carry the work enough. Especially in a direct comparison with Natalie Portman, she disappoints. Natalie exhausted herself in the gloomy ballet thriller Black Swan by Aronofsky. She got awarded the Oscar for Best Actress. Whether Lawrence also receives an Oscar nomination is unclear. One thing the 27-year-old has already won. Since the filming, director Darren Aronofsky is her life companion.