Book Review: Sex God: Matthew Armstrong

Sex God: An erotic adventure of self-discovery by Matthew Armstrong is a brilliant book, ironic and possesses the truth and the immodesty of freedom and poetry with an ode to sexual adventures but especially the spiritual burden to sniff some of the perverse, beautiful poetic insights that you will find only in the individual reading the book.

On the threshold of losing all that is largely imperative to him, Alex Sterling is a bloke in early life predicament, discontented in his marriage and existence, playing a high-stakes fixture and going to extreme measures to set aside what he values most, and makes a licentious suggestion to his wife, Angela, which sets them off on an erotic exploration of self-discovery, revealing shadowy and reticent parts of themselves.

They have no idea as their clutch on truth crumbles and all their worst reservations are inescapably realized and then they ascend from the murky pits and get back to their free will as the book plunges us into a charming world away and seeks to answer common and unusual questions about love and sex.

The characters that fill the pages of the book will make you discover the intriguing mysteries of love and sex and what comes out is a style very direct and bold, but full of paradoxes. In short, a book both in content and in style made up of body and soul together, in which the body is a tool to reach the soul.

We think that a good, courageous, sincere, open sex can still be a revolutionary act as true rebels, of course, only for those who do it and only then which may be the key to meet and discuss a plan that often society does not approve. Sex is a kind of anarchy and personnel policy, a statement of freedom that always has been and still is very dangerous for those who aim to keep firm the social conventions.

The book is not a language of words but rather experiences, tone, intensity, and the book undoubtedly gives the opportunity to go beyond itself, transform, discarding easy drifts to reach the landing of the transcendent with a melody of freedom in sex and love away from spiritualism, so fashionable, and cynicism, by now rather cheesy, where the author leads the reader into the most intimate feelings, and does so with grace and genuine spontaneity.

If anything the book gets us deeper in the essence, in the shadows, puncturing the wall of the unconscious with all its taboos, fear, pain, and coming back to real life with a deeper knowledge, greater awareness of itself as the author ventures and goes a little further by admitting that love can lead to liberation and bring the practitioner to ecstasy but not for all sex is transcendence, but a miracle that could only be done in moment, in the here and now of our lives.

It is also a book in which overlap different interpretations and that, beyond the harsh experience of sex, tells a beautiful story of obsessive love of a man and a woman and in fact, the book talks about how hard it is painful to get rid of that love to be able to reach, at last, a total self-acceptance abandoning forever masochism.

It’s a book much more cerebral than sensual, despite the vividness of many descriptions and is almost a philosophical text, full of psychoanalysis with an example of writing as a therapy and the words are also an element of fun to dress irony some points of the text written with great refinement and with a remarkable cultural substratum, but who also knows how to indulge in prosaic and detailed descriptions.

Beyond the literary exaggeration, we must recognize that this book has the merit to speak of a hot topic, around which there have always been buzz spread, but rarely in clear words so to treat yourself and to give away, also because it is a masterpiece of writing first, and eroticism then.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 264 ♥ Publisher: Be Your Potential ♥ Published: March 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-0956171320