Book Review: Reality Bytes - The Role of HR in Today's World - Aparna Sharma

Reality Bytes - The Role of HR In Today's World by Aparna Sharma illustrates, through some exploratory studies, the way the system of human resources management in a company can contribute to the sustainability of the enterprise with a book for students and for Human Resource managers, for each of which are suggested specific ways of reading.

In view of the environmental and persistent social inequalities, the current model of economic development is the subject of a broad debate spread globally. At the centre of this debate is the concept of sustainable development, understood as a model of development that allows the present generation to meet their own needs and desires without foreclosing any opportunity for future generations.

This concept is very broad and involves different actors, and has a strong impact at the enterprise level. The company, in fact, can make an important contribution to the emergence of a sustainable development model that will endorse, in all its activities, two specific management criteria’s with first attention to the satisfaction of the stakeholders, that is, all the actors with whom it relates, and not only of the shareholder and stockholder, namely the owners or investors of capital and secondly, the constant attention to the balance of its economic and financial performance, environmental and social.

On this basis, the volume aims to sensitize the reader to the issue of corporate sustainability. The text summarizes the theoretical foundations to get you through the sustainability of the company and contribute to its development, the system of human resource management can provide,  the results of a new line of study of human resource management, the sustainable and strategic Human Resource Management, which provides information and guidelines about what are the activities that the Human Resources can be put in place to develop the sustainability of the organization, and stakeholder based Human Resource Management, and provides information and guidance about how to design, implement and operate a system of human resource management that is oriented stakeholders.

The book is a very suitable text for the leaders of a business function that can delicately condition the success of companies and public administrations with issues concerning the management of human resources, management, and organization of work, adopting an approach in relation to the company constantly updated,
administration and personnel management, technology, politics, work planning, performance indicators, evaluation and selection of employees, training and work organization, models of eco-management and executive positions are some of the topics covered in the book with diagrams, tables , formulas, bullets and short summary, with the inclusion of a large bibliography.

The goal of the book is to build a unified synthesis on technical choices and operational management of human resources and the role of the HR executives. The author analyzes the activity in the company's personnel management also focusing on basic practices of human resource management that can treat the whole workforce with professionalism and efficiency.

In enhancing human resources, strategy and management practices become necessary to be able to coordinate human talents with the objectives of the public body or maintaining at the same time, the high motivation of those who work within the organization.

The theme of Human Resource is delicate and charming to the dynamism of the sector and its merger with the fields of communication and corporate leadership. The author organizes the topics of the book with a good understanding for the reader, who will find everything to clarify their knowledge. Men at work must be able to be conducted with greater professionalism, preparation, respect, participation, involvement, responsibility which must be well coordinated.

Talent and motivation drive business success and social progress, and personnel managers have a duty to upgrade to accommodate the tested best practices and pull out from the people all the best in a working community. The analysis of work situations, the development of actions in support of the objectives, the adoption of effective techniques for solving problems, the better ability to design operating systems that can counter the competition and the continuous interaction between subject and environment.

It requires the direction of a broader vision that also knows how to use technology to do business and increase the welfare in an organization. The text helps the reader to focus on the great responsibility to treat workers as human beings with their interests, differences and knowledge of everyone as wealth to increase and maintain profitably.

Human resources are an investment to develop and refine over time and at the base there must be continuous training to build the map of the value of HR consisting of skills, development, relationships and performance.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 192 ♥ Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications ♥ Published: 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9383572571