Book Review: Glorious Uncertainties - Prashant Singh

Glorious Uncertainties: Order in Chaos, Beauty in Chaos by Prashant Singh is a fine book because it is virtually impossible not to fall in love with the protagonist, who has a remarkable acumen that will push the reader to love her or hate her who is both lovable and sociable.

After winning the Miss Bangalore title, Garima Pradhan, a smart charming woman with feminist ideology and modern features who inspires awe is offered a lead role in a movie. She resists the temptation, preferring to complete her MBA course. She then takes up a job at a bank where one day she meets Deven Herai, a high-value customer, in a most unromantic situation. The two, nevertheless, fall for each other soon and after a brief courtship, they tie the knot.

Garima is soon disillusioned as she finds herself reduced to a trophy wife as she became his wife before becoming a woman. Until one day she feels that something begins to creak. The passion and desire face in everyday life, forcing her to question herself. Garima realizes that another way of life is possible. Maybe she deserves better, perhaps she deserves happiness. Unfazed with the difficulties, she fights back and emerges victorious, and discovers the purpose and peace in life.

The reader is not much left to do but to surrender passively reading the little information that remains secret for a time to the characters of the book are in fact immediately clear to the reader with the environments are described in summary form, the characters, even the secondary ones, are well analyzed at the level of character and psychological, unlike in physical, hard to make a mental picture of them. The style of the author is deserving, whose quality is undeniable with a pen fine.

This novel becomes important as also the language used by the author is witty and full of irony and a narrative technique that allows you to see the world through the eyes of Garima, with the language and the word represents a real character that can determine the action in a number of basic steps.

However, this is a novel free and great food for thought on human psychology and love, and you can rather consider it as a light comedy, sliding and pleasant enough, whose biggest asset is well represented in the characters and the witty language of the author.

And then the style of writing is exciting and overwhelming with the emotions aroused that gasp for every description, every detail, the passion and the involvement of the protagonist until she comes to subvert the existence and make her discover a new woman that she never even knew before.

What is certain of this novel is that it is easy to read, the language fluid and flowing and the brevity of the chapters make it a book habitable at any time of the day where in this book the author leaves little to the imagination, making descriptions, not always necessary to intimate moments to what pushed Garima to her new found life.

Here in this book is greatly simplified by giving more importance to that objective introspective of the situation experienced by the protagonist, where actually the style is very masculine and sometimes the protagonist seemed a bit too stereotyped, almost, not quite knowing how was the reality, as the writer had chosen the more mundane and easier way of description.

There is a cup full of milk that stands on a background of compact red and perhaps this image contains the sense of romance, searching for the passion, anger, pain, excitement, the most intimate and truest self, white and pure as it can be like milk or a light hushed morning.

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Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 132 ♥ Publisher: The Times Group ♥ Published: February 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384038328