Book Review: The Unwanted Shadow: Bhaskaryya Deka

The Unwanted Shadow, by Bhaskaryya Deka is a book that does not belong to a defined genre and presents characteristics of detective, fiction and romance novels with a novel in which the glow of a disturbing past reverberate on the present of the young protagonist.

Mohan, a small town boy, is nothing but buoyant when he moves to Delhi to complete his learning and for once he finds his fresh existence to be very divine, akin to he has often pictured it would be as he cascade in love with Shreya and get wedded to her other than this excellent period doesn’t last long.

His living is soon crushed to pieces when his first liaison meets a heartbreaking end as a day after his wedding, when he wakes up in morning, finds his companion murdered that would escort him to a lethal conflict with his own shadowy times of yore and gets lifetime prison term for this murder that will lead him to a series of events that will change his life by introducing him into a labyrinth of intrigue.

The story, in fact, does not travel on a main track, but it follows more in contemporary track and no one prevails over the other. They will have the same weight as the relationships, the affairs of the protagonist and the investigations carried out with the narrative threads are woven to each other all with a primary importance.

This classic thriller offer an exemplary reconstruction of the life of Mohan, in his environments and characters that animate, outlined piece after piece in the narrative in first person of the protagonist, with which we will grow and we will live his adventures, and his past.

The way the story is told is linear, with the narration of the story continues smoothly, and the plot is captivating that make exceptions for some descriptive parts that can be heavy. A book rather original, with great ability, to capture the attention of the reader and allows us to follow Mohan’s growth between love, misadventures and his life.

So, gradually, in the story are involved other characters whose lives have been turned upside down, in one way or another, by a character whose real history is shrouded in mystery. The novel takes place in the rhythm of twists including surprises, undoubtedly, the final.

The author points out accurately the feeling of helplessness of Mohan, finding himself helpless in the face of a state that is no longer on his side, a state that has the power of life and death in its hands and despite everything, continue to fight in the hope to know, sooner or later, the peace and finding what he wants.

It is one of those books that you devour in a moment and one thing is certain, after reading this book, the author writes in a sublime way, as he has deeply surprised and manages to create a bond of deep empathy between the reader and the characters that populate this story that we do not know whether to call a thriller, a romance novel or other but probably a bit of everything.

It’s a perfect mix, that keeps you on your toes, and kindles in you the desire to know the evolution of events, to know how the life of Mohan evolve, who sometimes make the reader confused. The story is very intriguing and full of twists, and undisputed protagonist of the book is melancholy that you feel, that pain you feel, as you scroll through the pages that follow each other faster and faster.

While reading you feel overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions, empathy, compassion, sympathy, hatred for one or another character as the story is very unique but mostly contains unexpected twists with the characters are very well represented, and, the book is very smooth and in places you would not want to stop reading for no reason.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 200 ♥ Publisher: Half Baked Beans ♥ Published: 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-8192893617