Book Review: The Six + 1 Wish: Anubhav Jyotirmoy

The Six + 1 Wish by Anubhav Jyotirmoy explores our everyday existence as well as routines that we don't have time to carry out and every now and then the apprehension of society's displeasure stops us from undertaking what we wish for with the story of six people who do get a second opportunity to accomplish the major wishes of their lives.

Set in the milieu of a small city, the narrative revolves around the verve of the author himself and, a person Shashank, whom he meets by chance and thereafter, embarks on a journey that will take him to know the true nature of courage, and guide him in an adventure daring to freedom where in a uniform group is sometimes the element that thinks differently, which goes against the current, which proves rebellious.

Slowly, very slowly, leaving the lush meadow the book walks into the unknown as the author wants to meet one who can offer an answer to his questions. The author has chosen the path of moral fable to convey a message of peace, cooperation, generosity but also to remind everyone that time is precious and not always living frantically is good as we risk losing important appointments that life holds for us.

The book uses the most classic of narrative forms of the first person and while telling reduces to nothing the part of the narrator who tends to avoid any comments the player must draw conclusions from the narrative elements that have been placed under his gaze, without the help of the writer.

Any mediation is abolished as the narrator is like an eye that looks at things, the order and then following in their becoming as he wants readers to have the same truth that is in reality. The narrative technique make us remember that we are reading a novel and particularly interesting is in how the author deals with the question of time, master in the art of slowing down the action as he manages to give the reader the feeling that whole months or years have elapsed during the short time it takes to read the book.

Just as a classic novelist, the author opens the stories to dizzying raids of time and space not afraid to move through the years and not afraid to move through places in a wonderful book, refined and mature and is a book must for those who love reading, who is able to savour the sensations and emotions inherent in the exciting story of the slow journey and appreciating the lines, and savouring the beauty of words carved and lived.

Nothing to say about the style of writing, always very tender and evocative, but the intent of the story seems just mentioned with the protagonist, is an unforgettable character who has not only physical strength and fierce will, but also intellectual energy, a desire to understand, to thirst for knowledge. It is a force of nature and the energy is contagious and fascinating.

The novel is, ultimately, a hymn to freedom, to the effort to realize our talents, the autonomy of judgment of the individual than the general of others and seems the cry of protest against a society, alienated, where everything is a commodity, even a human being, a company that supports on false values, the colossal mediocrity without love of the bourgeoisie, and that favours the greed to the spiritual dimension.

The writing is full of courage and fiery energy with phrases, impetuous and torrential with the style of the author, beautifully capable of expressing and conveying to the reader excitement in the narrative.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 192 ♥ Publisher: CinnamonTeal ♥ Published: 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-9384129002