Book Review: Shamsuddin's Grave: Paromita Goswami

Shamsuddin's Grave: The Story of a Homeless by Paromita Goswami set in the milieu of deluge and racial tumult is yoga for the mind, and an exercise in self-analysis with the narrative is a journey in stages in the conscience of each of us where every action, that unspoken phrase, or an event, takes a value whose depth goes beyond the limits of reality, generating an intense reflection.

Latika's derelict personal front leaves her totally traumatized as she joins an NGO and comes across an adolescent rape victim and sets out to trace the teenager with Shamsuddin's aid who is a daily labourer, and one way or another manages to thrive in the conurbation.

In the meantime, flood devastates his home in the village and as his family takes shelter in a relative's place his wife start having a hard time resisting to the advances of her brother-in-law and outline of the collision of modern individuals and being in the right place that embarks upon the intricate nous of a city that has been intruded upon and puts together alluring human drama in the midst of a society, delicately covenanting its shades.

A sad book that is around a story seemingly trivial, builds a real world, almost a microcosm, ranging from idea of true friendship, from mistakes in life that can lead to despair and on the way up the difficulty, to move even trying to avoid discrimination and violence.

The nattily captivating sequence of events in a contemporary urban backdrop, deals with extremely multifarious threads of being that the writer ties in concert the plain challenges of life fitting in a property uncontaminated of characteristics with the act of existence behind all a community endeavour that may perhaps give the impression of being easy enough other than it is not.

The characters are translucently carved and tend to draw you in their verve, even if story bound, with the tome has a broad assortment of characters to select from where a few are bestowed more significance than others, yet everyone is visibly distinct with all of them starry-eyed adding to the description and presenting the reserve a novel essence.

The accent of the diverse moral fibres aren't at all times discrete with the narrative strolls with what live with you is the astonishing magnetism of the social order and how imperative it is to the actually typical individuals who worship it, with the writer put into words how existence is incredibly cosmic and on the whole hard to define and that's why, they amble hand in hand.

As entertaining storyline with the rare exhibit of humankind in all its splendour as well as humiliation, its obsession along with toxins with a groan escape you when you lay the volume along, one of equally reprieve as well as the opportunity of having interpreted a poignant piece of creative writing.

A short narrative, always polished and dry, sad even in places where some cheerful ideas oozes from the monologue which remind us that others are us in a beautiful novel, hard, raw, engaging the characters of the characters with deep, real, feelings evolve into a reality too harsh and arid and find themselves in a moment.

The book is very dense and can be read with ease that makes you think about what we are full of meaning, that tells the story and the feelings catapulting the reader into another dimension entirely foreign to our daily lives and at some point something clicks, comes the desire uncontrollable extreme abandonment, to let go the emptiness of a life in vain.

A good book, well structured and with clear language, no doubt that reads quickly is very touching and truthful and always makes a certain effect to hear something with the style of the author is flowing and impels us, page by page, to the solution of a case that hides a story of loneliness, misery, abandonment.

The setting is perfect, with a city described with essential and targeted strokes which make it look three-dimensional as the book holds up glued to the last pages, both because of the curiosity in wanting to understand the implications of the darkest and most mysterious plot, and in order to understand the relationship that has linked a pot pourri of grotesque but damn realistic characters.

The descriptive ability of the author gave us emotions, which gracefully manages to instill feelings in the description of places and characters that come to life in this book recommended to those who live in the knowledge that nothing is set in advance and that, as good acrobats, try to get to the other tip of the fearless rope but sooner or later someone will fall.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 282 ♥ Publisher: Partridge India ♥ Published: January 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1482843941