Book Review: Prophets, Poets & Philosopher-Kings: Abhijit Basu

Prophets, Poets & Philosopher-Kings by Abhijit Basu focuses on limited prominent characters from the Ramayana and other epics and incidents related to them in and in-depth analysis of characters connecting assortment of stories and incidents, through the eyes of various characters of the epic and looks for to work loose a few of its mysterious facets with its assortment of momentous elucidation in the astonishing decisive passage scheme to sieve its apparent enlargement in its interconnection with the Bhagavad Gita and other classics and its widespread significance transported abode in the course of a string of trans-edifying similarities.

A truth-seeking, as well as emotional insight into the Ramayana, the manner of putting in the picture of the narrative, is astonishing with its articulate as well as charming description, depict the eccentricity of the temperaments of Vishwamitra, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shakuntala with each personality has an attention-grabbing fairy-tale, and in spite of a few mystic rudiments, each moral fibre is human.

Their well-to-do as well as a self-indulgent way of life, which is trounced by sense of self, sedition, egocentricity on one face and by asset, altruism, honesty and adore on the other plane, intertwines a mesh called life and guzzles a being in the knots of settling of scores and challenges.

The volume is a psychosomatic insight into a range of natures of Ramayana notch up soaring not only by giving the tip of analysis of each and every top being save for as well keep a dispassionate tenor with the rounded start is right away topped with a series of metaphors providing us initially a panoramic sight of life as an arena sprinkled by means of pointers with sparks of incongruent recollections of things past beaming up the obscurity

This tome has just sufficient relevant fine points to assist the person who reads to right away perceive the disposition and invoke up a picture that is as close as likely to the manner you make out them in your wits which has exemplified this code and has presented a fairly austere as well as striking images of the time attempting to co-relate with events of modern day while endeavouring to take the myth out of it.

In a finely explored volume covenant with fates, ruses with shams, care and covetousness the author retains the booklover’s curiosity, lightly recite the intricate intrigues in words that moves from clear-cut and expressive, packing into dealings of a thousand years in sheets while intensifying a few instants of an era to a good extent.

The inscription chic is articulate that will stay the person who reads attached to the sheets where the author has preferred an easy interpretation, separating apart the fantasy with a contemporary take on the tale. On the other hand, he manages to put in his individual peerless fashion, ensuing in a commentary which tests our customary, predefined outlook of the personalities, formulate us observe them in a fresh light.

Its a book you always have to hand it very useful for the understanding of life, and is a book that meets the cultural needs of those interested in Indian philosophy and in any case, it is a reading of great interest.

A book that frees you and you start understanding of life, the essence and perfection of everything that happens to us with the liberation in the understanding of real truth, that makes you balanced and stable appreciating the research in the book.

ISBN: 978-9381576069 ♥ Binding: Paperback ♥ Publisher: Leadstart ♥ Pages: 182