Book Review: Ghosts for Long Nights: Martha Cecilia Rivera

Ghosts for Long Nights, by Martha Cecilia Rivera is a fascinating blend of the world of magic and an intriguing story that comes from a troubled lady and her husband wrapped in an aura of mystery and is a novel of psychological conflict and struggle between reality and fantasy obsessions.

Based on an uninhibited ardour, the good-looking Rebecca Hidalgo managed to fashion for herself an existence that was vividly poles apart from that of her upbringing and at this moment, when the precise instant to take pleasure in what she has consummate has arrived, she faces a string of mysterious dealings that bit by bit, yet for sure, get her into an inexorable maze.

Rebecca Hidalgo is convinced that her husband has gone to another because of a witch have been made and looks for ways to change their fate in the same way with each fresh stride seems to ensnare Rebecca with an incongruous and startling cord that would finish up crushing her intimate fundamentals. The ending of the novel is surprising and unexpected, so that at the end of the novel the reader is forced back a few pages in search of a lost track.

This book can be shocking and terrible at the beginning for diverse impact with something new, fighting with the hostility of the new companion and suddenly find ourselves in a captivating new reality, discovering the magic where a spell is passed as a dark legacy, full of dangers, but also occult charm that attracts and pulls..

We can find in this novel goblin, witches, Santeria, witchcraft and other fantastic events, but not magical realism but a protagonist in crisis by the breakdown of her marriage with a very good novel recommended to anyone looking for a novel of betrayal, despair, and the occult.

The way the author writes is extremely unique that wrap readers with little dialogue and short phrases and therefore, readers are able to live the stories of Rebecca Hidalgo, the protagonist of the novel, besides her and maybe it's a bit risky to say as it says that at the end of the book you have the knowledge to become initiated into the third degree but it is a book that have capacity definitely superior to the first level of initiation of any tradition you can be a part.

The writing is smooth and there are interesting things that will keep you glued to the book, stimulating curiosity with the book that flows very fast and you will not even notice reaching the end, as conveyed in a carriage like a dream. A very interesting fluent and well written reading, the book is highly recommended to fans of the genre that will steal from the world of mystery and magic, hoping that maybe some power is transferred also to the reader.

The elements are all there, although very simple, with the plot, rich in elements, that is well built and all the details are not put there by chance, but will have a decisive role and this is perhaps the thing that strike and surprise more. The author does not make us miss anything, and there's everything you need to create the right recipe in her world of magic.

What makes this story special is a large group of zany and well-managed characters, feom the inevitable bad to hilarious, up to the people without magical powers where no character is trivial, but all nice and original, able with their jokes and their behaviours to make the reader smile big or small.

The author describes each chapter with spontaneity and simplicity, but always involves the reader, leading to a desire to find out what will happen in the next chapter, in a pleasant mix of fun and suspense with the beauty of this story is that it leads us to consider the magic as an everyday element, something which is just around the corner, within the reach who stumbles by chance!

With a particularly closed eye, you can see the magic a bit all over even in a leaf fluttering apparently carried by the wind, all seasoned with a good dose of naivety light and pleasant, but never boring, and is a book really suitable to let slip in a blanket and treating yourself to a little magic and a few hours of fun and relaxation.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 168 ♥ Publisher: CreateSpace ♥ Published: April 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1497439801