Book Review: Discovering the It Factor within You: Leesa Rowland

Discovering the It Factor within You: Developing Your Charismatic Personality by Leesa Rowland identifies, recounts and explores the different aspects that make the difference between a normal person and a charismatic person, all with a style totally compelling and personal.

A lucky few have it in nature; others can copy them. The charisma, in fact, is a mixture of attention, power and heat that can be assimilated with a little practice conjuring a mental success leads to facial micro movements that transmit positivity and safety.

Through easy exercises the book teaches how to develop charisma, overcome shyness and strengthen its authority to dominate them, too, with the magic of the gaze, gestures, the authoritativeness of what they say and how and goes from exciting and partly moving stories and practical situations immediately applicable, in a succession of feelings on the one hand, and of logic and realism on the other.

A fascinating book that manages to exceed expectations, the author goes deep and it does so by touching the heart strings, and the tools of reason where charisma is a rare commodity, but as a precious metal, has very specific characteristics; some people have the innate, others, as demonstrated by the book, can learn them.

An extraordinary book, certainly addictive, that can go down in the intimacy of the human soul, shaking and shaking, and then up along the route of action, being and doing. If indeed some moments are emotionally strong and introspective, others are more technical and analytical, so that you can grasp, immediately, their immediate applicability.

A nice book and written from the heart the final chapter, is a fitting end to an intense human and professional present in previous chapters, revealing, in fact, the secret of charisma thanks to its ability to convey emotions and, simultaneously, to transfer immediately applicable techniques, with a good base to begin to approach life in a more positive way and certainly a book for those who have already moved a few steps in personal growth.

A volume interesting and sometimes very exciting, it uses in its exposure touching very effective tales with the author has been able to deepen and grasp all aspects of the charisma, sometimes with emotion at times with humour, but above all by studying the charismatic people psychologically and attitude to life.

Here is a book exciting and practical, useful for anyone who wishes to promote himself and then reflect and ultimately you can not help but act with a book that really knows to excite, that makes you think and act better and is more than a book, but a wonderful life partner.

The charismatic drags the crowd, pushing others to think like him, convinces with his enthusiasm and his ability to deal with the unexpected with a mix of empathy and flexibility that allows you to understand who you're talking about and would like to be treated and conquer it in a few seconds.

You have to discover a passion, something that we face and enthusiasm inspire others with a message, a program, a belief, a slogan, as long as there is behind the heart. Or at least the head that causes him, by dint of practice. You read it in one breath and then you just want to browse it again, exciting, useful, fun, moving, extraordinary in the messages, written with the heart and also full of ideas.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 242 ♥ Publisher: Kismet Publishing ♥ Published: March 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-0578156293