Book Review: The Departing Point: Santosh Avvannavar, Jyothi Byahatti and Raghunath Babu

The Departing Point, Two People Departed…In Search of Love…Leaving Love in Between by Santosh Avvannavar, Jyothi Byahatti and Raghunath Babu includes years of true stories of souls and soul mates without a happy ending with experiences, narrated by their protagonists that will make you think about the meaning of love and you answer the question that perhaps each of us stands. It is a reality that is part of us. Everything passes and only love remains, and this message comes through loud.

The stories goes absolutely beyond simple love stories, but propagates, and is intertwined and collides with hard realities and issues that make this book a little complex that open a window on contemporary problems of real life, delineate concrete aspects and plausible in both the sweetness of a love that blossoms and grows strong, that the cruelty to which the same love and the stars will be subjected.

The stories range from the deepest and engaging experiences lived under the hypnotic regression to past lives, which give rise to strong bonds between people hitherto unknown to each other, to the more small, almost of the details, but illuminate life with deep meanings and exciting with a network of strong ties emerges from the past and explains this by channelling the many stories in this book in a single river of love and memories that flows through time.

The book attempts to give you strength and hope to be able to move forward when life tries to bend with its pains and contains testimony of countless regressions, written directly from those who have experienced and tells of how pain can be transformed into serenity and hope, and as the reality permeates and enriches the physical one, always, and will help thousands of souls to overcome the difficulties of their present lives.

The experiences directly experienced by those who have made regressions show that we are a lot more of what we perceive, and that our life unfolds through many lives and countless experiences beyond time and space and return to past lives and relive moments that gave rise to disturbances or inconveniences still present in our lives frees that energy and make us aware.

The book is special with very apt management of the narratives in which intersect stories, where in addition to the events of the protagonists will be joined by those of characters in which the author will give a profile and important which will devote great attention, so as to make them indispensable for the unfolding and the materialisation of the same plot.

The book stands out even for a story of overwhelming love, encompassing much more profound messages whose origins and subsequent responses will find their rightful place in the various evolutions in which the stories will go that is compelling, and sentimental.

The book is more profound, complex and not obvious and will not only touch you, but also will leave you a little sad for the various episodes narrated. This book has a very particular style, much less developed than in some of its parts with the content is nothing short of overwhelming.

The plot is complex, the characters are all very strong and present and important. In short, it is a story that stays in and hits the reader, for better or for worse.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 76 ♥ Publisher: CreateSpace ♥ Published: March 2015 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1508964124