Book Review: Dead Money Run: J. Frank James

Dead Money Run, A Lou Malloy Crime Series by J Frank James analyzes the mechanisms worst of today's society with a beautiful adventure full of pathos in the prisoner's dilemma, taking us into a drama that touches us closely where in a crescendo of suspense and terror.

Lou Malloy has just maxed out on a fifteen year prison term for the thievery of $15 million and just before leaving jail he learns that his sister is viciously killed and then he meets up with Hilary Kelly, a hush-hush investigator with a schema of her own.

In concert they toil to expose precisely what happened to Malloy’s sister and why, as also in the meantime, Lou has to brawl off predators trying to get their hands on the funds he stole and keep from being sent back to jail trying to guard those beloved to him.

The book with its lucidity provides interesting insights and guide us in the troubled path of integration filtered by the system and describe the difficulties and the predicament facing a man with the ever-increasing pace of the story, and as the protagonist feel insane, the reader begins to feel more and more involved and the final permits to assemble all the pieces, to discover the true face of the characters.

The story beautifully drags page after page, and the writer was magnificent in narrating the story, with the selection and characterization of the characters were well made to perfection since the early chapters, masterfully created by the pen of the author, who, enchant, some for the magic that surrounds them, others for being extraordinary and perform very well to their function to the system by providing narrative completeness and right size.

The story runs like a dream and leaves you in suspense until the end and the pace, always maintained is never excessive, which remains at high levels of emotional tension with the premise of the book is good and the story is intriguing with the book that cannot fail to keep you glued to read from the beginning to the end with action and suspense make this well written thriller gripping and unpredictable with a reading addictive, with frequent twists where you cannot wait to get to the end, which is not granted.

The natural simplicity linguistic and syntactic control of expressive urgency and balanced use of clever and convincing writing, make this novel an example of how you can follow a narrative path with ease and passion and then provide that sense of mystery almost esoteric, never falling into banality and in the rhetoric of heroic and anxious waiting.

Intriguing, challenging, and addictive, the reading of the novel is smooth and pleasant and at the same time is a good thriller to be read in one breath where the reader is pleasantly involved in the story of the protagonist, and can experience the same fears, the same anxiety, the same emotions, perceiving the world through their eyes and intensely live the nightmare that is devouring every day.

Its a story that we read all in one go and it could not be otherwise where you are catapulted into the tangle of discomfort that dwells in his sleep of the protagonist and it is hard to get out characterized by a crescendo of action in this case action merely psychological that do not have the time, however, to focus well because it is hypnotized by size troubled and disturbed the mind of Lou.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 300 ♥ Publisher: CreateSpace ♥ Published: August 2013 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1491093795