Asus ZenFone Review, Price and Specs

You know what is the best thing that can happen to you while you are working hard, along with a chorus of profanity and another of frequent puffs. ASUS ZenFone Smartphones surprises thanks to the perfect combination of technology and style and innovative design, intuitive and lively, ensured also by coloured covers and presents modern icons, new animations and ring tones, as well as useful and exclusive apps.

Zenfone 2 can indeed redefine my smartphone experience and this is why….

The total time that travellers use on public transport is inconceivable, but the Zenfone can make extensive train and bus trips immensely fruitful as with the time gap between the experience, writing, and publishing narrows up but with Zenfone I will no longer have to wait until I am settled in a room and have my laptop out and set to go prior to writing an account as I can now just fluff out the Zenfone and write up experiences, discussions, and annotations more or less as soon as they take place.

This will keep the whole thing fresh, the reminiscences dramatic, and the expressive state incessant. Writing with Zenfone in its big touchscreen pane and then publishing it will give a new facet when I can fashion a record of something while watching it become apparent.

ZenFone adopts technology that provides excellent photographic yield and will easily allows me to capture photos and video of incredible quality so I can take photos whenever and whatever catches my fancy while strolling through the streets and I will no longer have to transfer Photos to laptop and I can edit them directly in the ZenFone itself.

With ever portable ZenFone, there is no better way to surf the web as it comes with full powered browser, so I can leaf through and shop as I do normally as also I can stay updated with all the news in this information age to boast in front of my friends and can watch videos and not miss any of my favourite TV shows.

Selfies are in vogue, and here to stay. There’s nothing wrong in feeling good about yourself. So the Zenfone comes with a decent front-end Camera to take Selfies. The photo related apps will be very useful for taking snaps without the need to carry an extra camera as also it will allow small changes with some good filters to apply to my travel photos before sharing them in my social networking circles.

Zenfone will be my guide to get driving instructions as I no longer will get lost travelling to a store launch or a collection preview in time as Zenfone will be like a pocket computer and will do (almost) everything with its versatility and allow the mobile platform from Google to shine for its efficacy in the ease-of-use context.

Zenfone is good, with the design with clean lines and elegant and beautiful glossy screen, which remains the same even if you touch it with your fingers greasy food that you forgot to wash properly.