Getting A New Life After Moving Abroad to Helsinki

I was staying in a lively city, had a perfect job and a beautiful girlfriend. But zero emotions. My life was a movie replay when there was no more room for hope, the projects, the future. Secure existence, of course, but flat. And my free spirit was beginning to fade. I was like a caged lion. I dreamed to travel to Europe at the age of eighteen. I wanted to learn English and have new experiences. But I was not going to abandon my city forever. At least as a boy. My parents, however, would never agree. So, I begin to work to raise money and save the same. Meanwhile, meeting what I thought the right girl for me was not a happy encounter.

The work began to become tight, the couple's life was monotonous and charged with frequent tensions. Hence the decision to leave for the capital of the country a few years ago.

My girlfriend with many beautiful words tried to dissuade me from the idea to change my city. And I begin to understand that the desire of visiting Europe would remain closed in the drawer of my dreams. She tried to convince me that we would be safe in Calcutta for my life forever. I had to learn to be content. Also because how could I leave a well-paid and secure job, with the then economic crisis, and a girl with whom I was for a long time.

So I had to put on stand by my dreams but soon begin to have many problems at the physical level, a reflection of my dissatisfaction. I start to feel bad and I feel I had to do something to get back on the bike, otherwise, it would have been the end. But I was scared, terrified to say enough. I thought of the consequences. One day, surfing on Google I type: 'I want to drop everything and go away'. I found so many sites.

One was made for me, collecting stories of people who are tired, who had given a cut to their former life and had left for exotic destinations. I never imagined that on that very site I found the courage to change and, above all, met my great love. A Bengali girl from Delhi had landed in Helsinki, where she alone had opened an estate agency.

We begin to chat, write to each other, exchange our phone numbers. Her first phone call strikes me. The voice gives me serenity. What she said to me it did not matter. I was glad to hear it. Often left messages on the phone and I'll listen back to infinity. We were talking of Helsinki. Finally, comes the day of departure. Meanwhile, I had decided to give up my girlfriend.

I was terrified, but fortunately, with a little biofeedback, I get on the flight. I can control my anxiety and not think of anything else that was not Helsinki. Arrived in the city contact the girl, and send her the message of my arrival.

She graciously anticipates the exit from work to meet me and advise me on how to move in the metropolis. As soon as I see her I leave the suitcases and I run towards her. Hug her and, damn it and it's love at first sight. Never tried it before! The first week I stayed in a hostel. But she wanted me close. I decide to live at home with her and since then we are inseparable. The more days pass, the more we feel we belong to each other.

Then I just had to find a job and quickly learn English. Everything else there already and I was very happy. I do not know what would happen in the future. Everything could end or continue forever. Who knows. Then I wanted to enjoy the magical moment. From a life, I dreamed of a love story so beautiful. The nostalgia of Calcutta? Not at all.

When you say Serendipity!

Europe, today as in different eras, is a reference point for those who want to live and work. Helsinki is growing very well from all points of view, or professional, cultural and tourist center, as evidenced also the increasing number of tourists. The metropolis is a city full of opportunities as probably a few others in India but has characteristics that it is best to keep in mind.

If you are running away from Calcutta to escape the endless unpaid internships, then once in Helsinki you may be unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the same thing is also present there. The growing number of young people from all over India and the need to get a resume from scratch has allowed even here the birth of this odious phenomenon.

Well, at that moment there are only two things to do or believe it and get back to work, or do the backpack and move on.

We did the backpack.

We started the same year and spent all the money we had on a trip that changed our lives around the country, through Gulmarg, Manali, Amritsar, Udaipur, Agra, Mahabaleshwar, Ooty, and Munnar. Six months abundant, for a very quick trip, because we wanted to see as much as possible, I wanted to learn.

It was the best money we ever spent, because in that journey, in that freedom, in that solitude, I had found the silence. I had finally moved away from all those voices that always had me screaming in my head and made only noise, the expectations of others, habits, fears, the past. In that stillness, I finally hear the one and only voice that had the right to tell me what to do.

And when she spoke, she told me something I always knew. I wanted to be happy, no more, no less. The rest was just details.

When I returned to Helsinki, I had a plan. I needed a job, of course, but a job as I said, that, on the one hand, would allow me to keep me, but on the other, I took away the freedom to follow my way, a freedom that now I had become necessary as the air I breathed.

Back in Helsinki, thanks to the web, I found a job as a freelance writer, and my first customers immediately appreciated the quality of my work, and I was finally paid honestly for my time and my specialization. But I was not greedy for money I was greedy for life! I decided, against the wishes of my clients, that was enough for me to work only four hours a day, and that I would dedicate the rest of the time to myself, to my passions and my search.

Working this way I had practically eliminated the stress. I kept my efficiency at the highest levels, and in those four hours a day, sitting at a desk at home, I was more productive than in a whole day in office.

The following stages were the North eastern states, Kutch region, Dilwara Temples, Ladakh, Mcleodganj. Nearly nine months of travel and nomadic work in less than three years.

With my trusty laptop in my backpack, working from hostels, hotels, airplanes, buses, everywhere. It’s easy to organize twenty hours of work per week when all you need is an electrical outlet and an internet connection.

And in those years I grew up, I matured, I learned many things about the country, about life and about myself. I marched with great strides along the path that may one day lead to my happiness, but without losing any opportunity to simply watch the landscape, to savor every deviation, driven by no other force than myself.

And now that I'm back from the last trip, I am ready and determined to another leap in the dark.

That country has given me a lot so far, but now I want to tell stories. Letting myself known through the internet, I want to write, I want to share pictures, I want to communicate my experience to others, to all those who have felt alone and misfits, to all those who are looking for something without knowing what it is, to all those who have not yet lost hope of being able to live better.

That's because right now you are listening to my words, man. I wanted to give you my story, and you're looking for it.