how to think positively to face reality

Over the years I have seen a gradual change in my personality. I turned from being pessimistic to optimistic in a gradual and progressive manner. Today I know that what matters most is to have a life plan and for me being optimistic is to believe in my dreams and ideas and make them a little every day. Optimism grows as you realize to love, to believe in yourselves and in your potential acting for the sake of yourselves and to make your loved ones proud who love us and have placed their trust in us.

My life has always been easy and for years a dark pessimism accompanied me. Maybe it all started from the inability to express my love to a classmate but that's another story. My real challenge was won with optimism. In school, the subject mathematics for me represented something impossible.

However, perhaps to challenge me or perhaps to prove something to someone, I took a correction course and decided to deal that tremendous block with mathematics, enrolling in a specialized maths course. Everyone told me that I would fail. But now I had chosen to face my difficulties and overcome the enemy.

From March 2000 I began to consolidate in an unshakeable confidence in my potential, my intelligence, my commitment, and my determination focused to achieve the three-year degree, which arrived in 2003 and then of the specialist in 2006, ending with passing the exam of the chartered accountancy in 2007.

For me, that exam math marked a major turning point and I did not care anymore, but to prove to myself that I was not a loser, I could go on to achieve my ideas and build ever larger. I still remember the words of my teacher who said: "I believe in you; will overcome that exam.

Currently, my mental attitude towards tests that I have to face every day in my life and in my profession is definitely optimistic; I am committed and I think everything will be fine and I know that if something goes wrong, patience is always the best call.

There are moments in life when our innate optimism of human beings is very naive and not very practical. I, too, when I was a very young beginner I expected that all would be for the better, at least according to the merits or otherwise without injustice. Then there were the events that have undermined this illusion and I found myself coming to terms with reality, thinking that there were things in life that did not depend on our will.

Anyway, I tried to take a job working for not having to depend on anyone. Start with the work of an accountant in a café. I loved the coffee, see people and I wanted to face my shyness! What easier way to begin to break the ice? The smile, patience and good manners I lacked certainly. I liked the contact with the audience, trying to understand people's needs and offer a service in a creative and shaping my professional style.

After several years it began to rise in me the need to realize myself specializing more in the most accurate knowledge of the product that was selling and sales techniques. The coffee was not enough anymore. I attended the course of retail in the clothing. I dreamed of managing my own business in the future and in the meantime, I wanted to build the basics and experience.

I was going great, I did several years of direct experience in shops more or less prestigious with great satisfaction! Every job if approached with passion we can gratify and accepted assignments also humble, just to test my ability to adapt and more appreciative of everything I did. So I did my apprenticeship in the stores! There is nothing that can affect your life if we do not want!

With a good dose of sensitivity, excellent readings, conversations with wise people, dynamic colleagues, dear friends, travel, experience the world of work and cultural contact and especially thanks to my survival instinct, I created the lenses suitable for see the world, a realistic optimism.

It was the happy medium between reality and dream, a mixture of hope and objectivity, and let me know with greater awareness of myself and others, developing a particular flair in recognizing situations where convey my empathy and my dedication.

I believe that something good can still happen, in every moment of our lives, we must believe in ourselves first, to the end. And that's why now I'm here to tell you about this piece of life.

And now I’m finally beside a wonderful person. I live with the love story that I've always dreamed of. I'm majoring in business management for personal satisfaction and to have a title. I continue to work as a accounts manager, each environment is a new experience, and especially live the work in the first person as if the asset were mine.

I have not set aside my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and creator, and I think that time will come very soon! It's never too late to realize what you want! Every moment offers us the opportunity to always learn something for our personal improvement.