Giving Up All and Recovering Life

Who has not dreamed to unplug for a while and take time out for themselves and not for a short period, such as a weekend or a couple of weeks, but for months, or even for a year? Everyone has an idea of what a sabbatical is!

The important thing is not to confuse a sabbatical with a simple holiday. A holiday is limited in time, and is a door to rest or recharge the batteries. A sabbatical is much more challenging where often we need to abandon some certainties and get the impression to cut the bridges behind us.

The expression year off was used by the ancient Jews to indicate the period during which they left the land to rest, condoned debts and freed slaves. According to the laws of Moses, the land had to be left to rest for twelve months every seven years. Here the term gap year is a period to devote to themselves, maybe to travel. In Saxon countries it is called gap year and is an established tradition. In many countries abroad young people take a year of freedom to travel, before enrolling at the university or enter the world of work.

There are agencies and websites specializing in this type of travel. The custom of taking a year of regeneration is very established in the Anglo-Saxon countries as evidenced by the proliferation of agencies and organizations that offer this type of services.

A sabbatical year, however, is something else and is a piece of life particularly intense which brings with it many opportunities for interaction and growth, and that is often the beginning of a new and different way of life. The type of experience will depend only on us and grant us the freedom that we can.

With my new Moto E my intention is to travel for a long period of time, more than 6 months making this type of a choice for life, perhaps, the next few years, and working during the travel, to keep my journey well financed. I would arrange before departure, planning where I will work in a certain period of time, for example at half travel, rather than organize the move.

With my qualifications and good knowledge of English I would like to involve myself for some time in the activity of teaching in the places in which I stay. The spring that should move us is always that of freedom. If we are free with the head, and willing to adapt to the situation, abandoning our habits and our certainties, we will always find the solution.

The first thought that comes to mind when I want to disengage to leave it all is to take a trip round the world. Sounds like a challenge, something so great to be part of the only world of dreams. There are, in fact, tickets round the world, usually quite affordable, with duration from 3 months to a year that will allow me to choose the stages of the journey which starts and finishes in the same city after travelling the globe.

I would love to visit the Swiss Alps with a flight that, clockwise, will stop in Buenos Aires, Fiji, Sydney, Bangkok, New Delhi, before returning to Kolkata. In this way I would travel rather pre-packaged, while leaving the scope of improvisation in accommodation and organization of the stops.
Its, however, a good way to start organizing the trip and an important source of motivation with the thing to realize it might be easy to organize a trip like this, who earlier could only appear a good dream, can definitely give a good safety and a boost to motivation.

I want a sabbatical from the freedom that I want to grant myself and not in the escape of itself; freedom to choose my own way and the freedom of not having to justify my choice.

The strength to take a break draws strength from the freedom with which we face this choice. There are situations in which this kind of choice is not possible, but I can think of very few. We often say that a choice you can not, when in fact we mean that we have fears that do not allow us to do so.

I want to live a sabbatical life without having to leave my situation, simply putting my priorities in order and changing my habits. The fact that we turn on the TV at any time of silence or spend on things we do not really matter are just two examples of a series of habits of which we do not realize, but that can strongly affect our lives.

What I'm talking about is a kind of mental cleansing, a more home of that state in which we find ourselves after some time we travel. The awareness of our priorities and serenity can give us a big hand in organizing our lives and with greater freedom. Understanding what we care about most in our lives allows us to go in the right direction.

Once you understand what is really important in our life, everything becomes easier and is clearer how to organize to indulge in small sabbatical experiences with the Moto by your side.