Healthy Eating Outside the Home

It is often believed that healthy eating outside the home is impossible. In terms of street food and some of the best restaurants in Kolkata, the city is certainly second to none, offering a multicultural cuisine that reflects the soul of the city. The restaurants offer citizens the best hungry visitors may need from Bengali cuisine to Indian, and Mughlai cuisine from the Mughals. For International cuisine cozy local restaurants in Kolkata has a lot to offer to satisfy your palate.

Yet a meal outside the home is a habit for many, for some a moment of encounter and conviviality, for others a requirement. There are those who for reasons of work is forced to eat at least one meal away from home, maybe at the street or restaurant; there are those who can not give an aperitif in the bar; There are friends and outputs in a pizzeria, at the bar after dinner with essential moments of the life of each of us.

Yet it happens very often to hear that many people turn to leave, to go to the street or restaurant with friends because someone convinced not to eat outside the home, or because they are on a diet and think that even a juice at the street can be a hit lower for the diet! What's worse is that these attitudes are often encouraged by those who deal with nutrition!

In fact you can eat healthy away from home! The secret is only one to know how to choose succulent treats in restaurants and places to eat in Kolkata. There are many quick fixes and especially healthy for eating outside the home.

Do not you think, but the fried roll matches a second plate with vegetables and bread, only that consumed out of the pot, it can be a great snack or acceptable lunch.

Fruit Salads for snack mid-morning or afternoon or after dinner is considered the one that breaks hunger optimally, from satiety because of high fiber, and also provides an excellent supply of vitamins and minerals and also contains carbohydrates.

The ice cream provides an acceptable calorie intake for a snack, and also do not underestimate the fact that it provides a greater supply than the milk with calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins like especially that of type A.

This means that in addition to the tasting pleasure, ice cream provides an excellent opportunity to ingest quality nutrients and the necessary daily intake of fat.
The amount of water makes it highly digestible and easily assimilated. The refreshing and beneficial function of refreshing ice cream enhances the organoleptic quality of this product.

Chowmein? Beware of condiments though! The chowmein is always a food of choice for us Indians. A optimal full plate in the diet, is a good source of carbohydrates essential for our body with, fiber, and when combined with meat or vegetables can be a formidable dish, so why not eat at the restaurant also a healthy plate of chowmein.

Doubts can arise from not knowing the ingredients used to flavour the dish and we can not be certain of the amount of oil used, nor for any or no more fat condiments such as butter, cream, white sauce. A good solution would require a simple dish, prepared in a not too elaborate way for example, a plate of chowmein with vegetables.

A second dish with vegetables: excellent choice! Opting for a good plate of meat or fish can be the easiest and most secure generally the main dishes are prepared with less oil and are almost always devoid of surprise ingredients.

Get informed on quality of food, whether fresh or frozen, frozen, pre-processed, pre-cooked not only because of the caloric and nutritional quality of the food but also for the purpose of possible risks of food, and shall ensure transparency in the proceedings of preparation and cooking of food and on the basis of this information on hygiene and nutrition choose the place wisely where you dine outside the home.

Many Indians these days are too busy to shop or cook, so they eat out or consume ready meals. It is not uncommon that breakfast is made while you go running to work, lunch and dinner at the street on the corner is ordered to "take-away" or you go to the restaurant. The more often you eat out, the more it becomes important to choose judiciously the dishes on the menu to continue to eat healthy.

The portions may be too abundant to be addressed when eating out. In fact, if the portions are excessive it is easier to eat more than necessary ​​either because you can not resist the temptation, and because you feel obligated to finish for what you paid. Therefore, what you can do is ask for a portion of vegetables, making you feel satiated with a low caloric intake.

Also, learn to recognize when you are full and leave what you do not want or to order only what you want to eat for example, do not order extra appetizers or dessert. If you go to eat with your friends, why not share with you the portions. This way you can taste different dishes without exaggeration.

We should try to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day, so when you eat away from home make sure you comply with this rule. You can find vegetables in many dishes soups, salads and side dishes, so choose between these courses. If you take a dessert, why not get one made with fruit? The juices and smoothies contribute to the count of the daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Red meat is a good source of iron, as well as the meat of chicken. However these types of meat can be very fatty, so it is best to choose lean cuts or remove the fat and choose meat grilled or roasted. Today chicken is naturally low in fat.

Fish is a great choice. You can toggle the fishes, such as rohu, hilsa, and prawn, which are rich in fatty acids, with lean fishes. Nowadays many find it difficult to cook the fish, so you have to take advantage of lunch at the restaurant. The ideal is to choose fish cooked on the grill or in the oven.

Order roti, rice, or potatoes as these are the foods that are more filling. Always prefer rice or potatoes boiled rather than fried. If you want you can use butter or margarine spread on roti, do in moderation. Choose sauces based on tomatoes than those based on cream.

Taste always the food before adding salt or other seasonings, because the chef in the kitchen has already seasoned your plate. Always ask for the dressing on the side so you can put the amount you want. For salads, choose dressings made with green leaves rather than mayonnaise or creamy sauces.

Eggs, milk and milk-based products, such as cheese or yogurt, are highly nutritious, but as for the meat, it is best to consume them in moderation. For example, use cheese as a garnish rather than eat it as a main course, or eat one egg and two or more per meal. You can choose low-fat dairy products if you are concerned about the amount of fat you eat.

The legumes, such as peas, beans or lentils, are often ingredients of soups traditional, so why not order these dishes when eating outside the home? Legumes are an excellent component of the diet because, besides bringing fibre gives a sense of fullness that lasts a long time because they are digested slowly.

For many, the pleasure of eating out is also ordering a glass of wine or a beer, which does not involve anything bad provided they are consumed in moderation, however it is very easy to exceed the limit. As a general rule an adult woman can consume more than two glasses of alcohol a day and an adult man three. To keep alcohol consumption to the extent, you can alternate alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks, which also will help prevent dehydration.

If you often eat away from home it will be better to choose the course thinking about your health. Conversely, if it is a special occasion and were having dinner at that fabulous restaurant you wanted to try for years, there is nothing wrong if you make an exception and choose what you like. Please keep in mind that what matters is the balance of your diet you are following for weeks or months.

So remember the key message is always vary the power, consuming everything in moderation and get pleasure from the food!