Book Review: Unrelenting Nightmare: Stan Yocum

Unrelenting Nightmare, by Stan Yocum written perfectly, with dialogues that are effective, the beauty of the book is not only in the plot, but in the great and rare ability of this author to retain the emotion of the characters thus avoiding absurd or trivial result with the voltage is also palpable chapter after chapter.

Stuart Garrison, a radiant virtual reality software developer, has his concern perched on the verge of business supremacy in the midst of the release of his latest virtual reality system but surrounded by his competitors obsessed by nervousness and insatiability, Preston McBraid, the ruthless CEO of an opponent concern realizes that if he does not own the latest virtual reality system of Stuart, his business is bound to drop its leading spot atop the computer business.

So McBraid hires the infamous Nomed, an extremely required killer who commands millions to exterminate a target. While the FBI learns of the elimination connive it intervenes to guard Stuart who in turn rapidly augments the FBI line-up, hiring two defence specialists as added cover with a fiend of a man, nicknamed Superman and Alex Nichols, a specialist in the pitch of safety measures.

Stuart clings frantically to the anticipation that he can craft it though the blitz of Nomed's killing attempts and if he does, his subsequent inspired virtual reality result will waft the globe away with its novelty and overwhelming mass appeal, and shoot Stuart to the pinnacle of the computer business as its reigning czar, and make him a billionaire many times over but inadvertently catapulted into a lethal cat-and-mouse fixture against the notorious Nomed, only time will let know who is smart enough to live on.

The book is a true masterpiece and an exceptional novel, intriguing, with the plot is not too original but treated very well with the author manages to keep you in suspense from the first line until you reach the final.

A protagonist very appropriate and realistic, is poised to fight against himself and his competitors with the characters are well defined, and the psychological aspect of the same is the real strength of the book, in fact, is analyzed and put on the floor first where we can see the fears, hopes and doubts that haunt normal people.

It is a novel full of suspense that the author manages to put in a masterful way and it might seem that there are some scenes that are too crude, in reality, however, it is not so. After all, it is always a thriller, and if there were no violent scenes and murders would not be such. One thing very important is that the pace is never lost or when it is descriptive or academic.

Quite a thriller, well written, with a simple writing and wordless put there to weigh down a story that does not need it, the elements that the novel has are many, but all well described and well proportioned. A beautiful story that’s yellow tinged with pink captures the reader right from the start with excellent dialogues, chilling lines and impeccable descriptions will feel the novel pleasant to hold in their hands.

A beautiful, complex and engaging story, and not only a blurred outline between the protagonists, as often happens so, long story short, the book is a thriller that has a pair of lovable rogues, able to withstand the weight of situations on their own with their ups and downs, the plotting scenes, the fistfights, and the moments of introspection.

What makes this story interesting is not so much the case itself, interesting and well-built, as the unravelling before our eyes the mind games between the protagonists with the story is built well, and compelling from beginning to end and has several twists that disrupt the continuous plot.

Written smoothly, with brilliant characters and surprise ending the narrative is a crescendo of emotions and twists that fascinates with many irons in the fire, so many clues, and guilty well defined, with classic final twist daring and a little obvious.

Written in a journalistic manner, as required by the plot the interweaving narrative flows quickly without exaggeration or amaze remaining in the enclosure of the classic without going into too much innovation with this novel respects all its promises and is a great gift to do to those who generally like thrillers with a mix of twists, that keeps you glued to the pages without leaving you to guess almost nothing until the end.

Format: Paperback ♥ Pages: 330 ♥ Publisher: iUniverse ♥ Publsihed: January 2014 ♥ Language: English ♥ ISBN-13: 978-1491716793